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Ilya Glinnikov named the finalists of “the Bachelor”

In the broadcast of the new edition of the show “the Bachelor” Ilya Glinnikov made a difficult decision — he chose two finalists from the remaining four beauties. Two rejected pretender to the heart of the actor was forced to leave home in just one step to the denouement.

In the new episode Glinnikov introduced the girls to my family. The meeting was attended by mother, aunt, grandmother, and brother Elijah. They warmly welcomed a potential bride, but did not give up the serious talks. Aunt Ilya Marina talked to the women in the show and found out how they belong to her nephew. Ilya has told that the aunt is very sensitive people and sees them through.

After talking with the girls Marina Lesya Ryabtseva said: “Good, interesting girl.” And about Ekaterina Nikulina she had a different opinion — the girl struck her as insincere: “She plays well and wants to chose Elijah.”

Not gone from the watchful family eye and Snejana Samokhina, which in the penultimate series returned to the project. The girl immediately dispelled the fears of the Marina and said “not in love with Ilya, and feels sympathy for him”.


Glinnikov listened to the opinion of family members and was awarded the coveted rose at the last ceremony. Madina Tamova and Ekaterina Nikulina were in the finals, left the project and Lesya Ryabtseva and Snejana Samokhina.

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