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Illegal construction can disrupt the water supply of Kiev

Незаконное строительство может нарушить водоснабжение КиеваNear pumping station, intended for the abstraction of drinking water, began preparations for building.

In the vicinity of a floating pump station “Rosa-300” intended to reserve water from the Gums and pumping her on the Dnieper station, started illegal construction.

Unknown persons began to establish posts for the next construction. Such actions are contrary to the state building code because the first zone of sanitary security zones of water intake structures on the shore should be not less than 100 m. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Today, as part of the first belt of sanitary protection zones for a distance of about 50 meters is the intensive development of the land for construction. This can lead to malfunction of the NTC “Rosa-300″, deterioration in the quality of drinking water, and also make impossible the supply of Desna water to the facilities of the Dnieper water station during the flood period,” she explained.

According to Goseiger, lands that are “registered” near the pumping station, designed “for individual gardening.” Who and when they were distributed is unknown. Now the Kiev government will take the issue of this illegal construction.

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