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IFixit XR vs Apple iPhone: what’s inside Apple’s new smartphone?

Specialists portal iFixit got their hands on Apple iPhone XR and, as usual, immediately took it apart to the last screw. It turned out that it is not identical to the older Apple iPhone XS, while externally the differences between these devices, we can say, no.

However, nothing really new in the Apple iPhone XR iFixit experts did not find – just some of the elements boards is bred a little different, and no more. The main difference is the battery, which received a standard rectangular case instead of a new L-shaped, and its capacity was only 2944 mAh. It is important to note that SIM card slot in Apple iPhone XR is a separate module and not soldered to the motherboard. What is the reason for this decision, not reported, but repair it significantly reduces the cost, and reduces the cost of the motherboard in the case its replacement.

Surprisingly, the Apple iPhone XR received a very high score on a scale of maintainability in comparison with other Apple new products – out of 10 points, he scored 6 and it is more than worthy. 4 points were taken over a large number of adhesive and non-standard screws, which, however, can be unscrewed with a special tool, which is freely available on the same AliExpress.

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