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If Wannell will restart Dark Universe of Universal monsters

The surprise for those who have ceased to believe in the revival of ambitious plans Studio Universal Pictures to create their own horror universe. To admit, in the ranks of those included me.

Universal bosses went on an interesting and quite reasonable step of having achieved nothing with ruined expectations, “the Mummy” and did not try to run the “Bride of Frankenstein”, they handed the keys to the Dark Universe venerable the guys from Blumhouse. As we well know, under her wing low-budget productions unknown Directors may collect the rent exorbitant amounts, but if it is taken for professionals, success is virtually assured.

And “Blumhouse” really made the knight’s move — trust is the first of the planned films Do Mannello recently pleasantly surprised us with the excellent Thriller “Upgrade”, and even earlier to attract the attention of the iconic “Saw” and “Insidious”. Bonnell will lead the development of the tape “invisible Man”which once was linked to johnny Depp. Unfortunately (although, for me, fortunately), the actor for this role is no longer attached — sources say that Depp can still appear in Dark Universe, but in a different way.

However, the same source reports that restarting the “invisible Man” will not necessarily be the next film of the franchise — perhaps, before it we still will see a new “Bride of Frankenstein” or meet “the creature from the Black Lagoon” (on which, on hearings, works Max Landis). But the rumours remain rumours — it only remains to wait for the results. In any case, now the future of another horror series became much more interesting.

Canonical adaptation of “invisible Man” by Hg wells 1933 talked about how

Chemist settles in a small country hotel and commits the first murder. It turns out that the young chemist, discovered a terrible formula, a dangerous drug that makes human flesh invisible. Interest in it was very scientific, but the drug had a side effect that turned him into a maniac. Almost immediately, he begins to look for an antidote that could bring him back to normal…

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