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If the carpenter took a Christmas horror… (TRAILER)

In the Internet appeared very funny and coolest product of the fan-art — concept-trailer for a nonexistent film “Christmastime” (Yuletide), which could remove the Creator of such cult films as “Something”, “Escape from new York”, “Halloween” and “Assault on 13 precinct”. At the same time, oddly enough, in the video cited mostly movies, to which old John carpenter has nothing to do. For example, this is a remake of “Assault on 13 precinct” in 2004, a prequel “the thing” 2011 and not in any way associated our hero ‘Krampus’ in 2015 Well, the plot went to the Comedy “Christmas Chronicles” with Kurt Russell, released in November of this year.

Here is how the user under the name P. L. Boucher describes “Christmastide”:

A group of scientists conducting research at the North pole on Christmas eve, accidentally releases an ancient evil, after which residents of a small town are infected, turning into nightmarish creatures. Their only hope is a mysterious man, who is being held in the local police station, and who claims that he’s Santa Claus.

Sounds like fun. A trailer so all looks great!

In addition keep fan poster that other craftsmen have combined the “Christmas Chronicles” and “Something”.

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