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If the Americans do not leave Syria, they will have to make

Если американцы сами не уйдут из Сирии, их придется заставить

The United States more than four years are present in Syria. During this time they conquered a third of the country. This third for the most part has been reclaimed from the Islamic state that once laid claim to power throughout the Arab country. Washington controls the situation on the ground through its Junior allies in the Kurdish people’s protection units.

The exception is FL-TANF, where all the dirty work, including administrative often over do yourself, because there is no any stable opposition formations, and besides, they have the largest and most effective military base.

In General, their presence in Syria in addition to a variety of problems was also useful. Like it or not, but the US still kept a separate force from the collision, when it was needed. For example, its influence on the Kurds they repeatedly stop their impulses to start a war with government forces, who are our allies. So the fragile peace exists in part because of them.

But most of all the Americans we owe relative stability in the North of Syria. In this part of the country more problems than anywhere else. In Raqqa, Hasakah and Aleppo in addition to Damascus claim so much energy, that counting them all is not so simple. However, the major players can be. First, is the aforementioned Kurds. In many of those territories to which they now claim, for centuries, lived their ancestors. Their state they have never had, but the idea is to create it owned the minds of any generation. However, to achieve success could only our contemporaries.

Yes, what is now called Rozhava, can be called the first Kurdish government in Syria, albeit it is not recognized by anyone. Of course, having such a past and finally something tasted, the Kurds are unlikely to be willing just to give up and to give the occupied territory.

Assad as a person, ruling from the beginning of the Millennium, really want, and just need to return this piece of Syria. Leave it as it is — political suicide, because without a unified Syria, or at least plans to recreate it practically has no reason to take the presidency. Or else the UN should recognize Syria in the borders, in what it is now. In General, there are many legal and practical nuances.

But most of all complexities Ankara. The Kurds are her enemies. No, of course not all Kurds, and those with weapons in their hands to build their country and, one way or another, threaten the security of Turkey. Yes, and everything else Erdogan, with its Imperial aspirations, not against the catch piece is another from Syria, much of which was once part of the Ottoman Empire.

In General, the situation is that fight with the Kurds will sooner or later have both the Turks and the Syrians that support Assad. But if Damascus is still relatively calm, because it inhibits the aggressiveness of Russia, here for Turkey are no barriers except the Americans no.

Yes, Moscow is unlikely to decide something, however, she wasn’t really interested in government circles there is the idea that with the Turks we will be much easier to negotiate than with the Kurds.

As for the USA, they all the time had to push it some, on the other, not to start a big massacre. The Turks, being NATO allies, though, and wanted to smash the whole Kurdish army, however, could not afford it, while the military States coexisted with the people’s protection Units in Northern Syria. But like the Washington announced the withdrawal of its troops. Serious news with great relief, he took her to Ankara. For several months, Erdogan and his entourage still can’t decide on a military operation to seize occupied by the Kurds Manuja. The reason for this indecision, the United States. It seems that now we can start. There was!

It turns out that Uncle Sam is not going anywhere, and the main reason for this is to ensure the safety of the Kurds. That’s the news! In Turkey, this explanation has caused an uproar. It turns out that the main threat to Syria is not terrorism or anything like that, namely Turkey. Ironically, in this respect, Ankara has avoided even Moscow, which is somewhat unusual, given recent years the dominant trend.

Of course, the Janissaries reacted quickly. Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that his country cares, the Americans will go or not, the operation against the Kurds will still start. While U.S. comments he called “ridiculous,” saying that the Turks did not kill Kurds. Yes, the Turks just kill those Kurds, who are the people’s protection Units and the PKK.

Turkish expert keram Yildirim believes that from a political point of view, the need for this operation is. If to put it on, then it will hit the reputation of the incumbent authorities.

— These groups (the PKK and the people’s protection Units — ed.) are terrorist, they act accordingly. So they have no right to govern is not something that government, but even the villages. If they gain power in Syria, they will want even more. Having more resources, they are able to unleash terror in the region. Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran — these countries under threat. In Turkey trying to start an active struggle with this problem, but until the US prevented it. In Aleppo there are successes, but the liberated territories do not constitute one-tenth of that there are terrorists now. I think that the withdrawal of the US military would favor in this regard. Turkey in the short term would solve the problem. This, incidentally, would have positive effects on the image of the President in Turkey. But before you start a campaign, it would be to think about what her consequences could be. It might be worthwhile to discuss all this with Russia, which is not only their interests but also the interests of the regime. The world is better to seek peaceful means, not war. It might make sense to agree on a joint operation. Many people think that without the US, Iran, Russia and Turkey will not be able to negotiate and keep the peace, but rather, propaganda of the exclusivity of the Americans. In fact, these countries effectively solve problems. The operation against the terrorists, of course, impossible to avoid, but to do it so that nobody’s interests were not injured.

“SP”: — But if the U.S. fails to leave?

— If the US will not go away, the defeat of the Kurds in their cause. It makes sense for the other countries involved in the conflict. Do not expect gifts from the Americans, they are not used to giving, they usually take it. Trump himself has said many times that this problem must be resolved by those countries to whom this region is close to Russia, Iran and Turkey. For US it is a foreign land.

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