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“If not for boys in the East”: the final song, “Quarter 95” became a hit. Video

"Если бы не пацаны на востоке": финальная песня "Квартал 95" стала хитом. ВидеоJust a few days the video has received over 100 thousand views.

“Studio “Kvartal 95” and its permanent leader, comedian Vladimir Zelensky made headlines with her final song from the new release “Evening quarter” in Turkey.

The corresponding video can be viewed in YouTube.

The song entitled “the mark of God tickle” is devoted to events in the Donbas and in the Crimea.

“No matter who we are, and no matter where we are,

Doesn’t want anyone anywhere to fight.

And someone continues to shoot…

The mark of God tickle”, sounds the chorus of the song.

Bloggers were delighted by what he heard by leaving your comments below the video: “As always cool! tears in my eyes from your final songs!”, “The coolest song!”, “Clearly”, “95 Quarter – well done, no words”, “the Song just takes the soul”, “well Done. Touch the sore topics, Salam from Baku. You guys are just a great talent. Know that we are Azerbaijanis, are always with you and share with you the bitterness of your loss”, “Good song, smiling people, beautiful women…and only the Patriotic citizens of the Russian Federation come in the comments on shit, and as usual trying to slap them all around…”.

Note that just two days after the publication of the video was viewed more than 52 thousand times.

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