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If Georgie survived: cool IT art

One of the most terrible scenes of “It” (what books, what adaptations) can be safely called a meeting Pennywise with little Georgie. Child and the beast, glowing in the sewer darkness eyes, stretched boat, which I do not want to lose… well, it was scary. And cruel. But what if Georgie survived?

In the depths of deviantart was the man who decided to dream up on this topic. The artist under the name Tazaca posted art with Georgie and Pennywise, but not like you would expect. This is not a reproduction of the famous scene, and a look into the future. Georgie died, and turned into a muscular man. He still wears a yellow raincoat (apparently, children’s psychological trauma), but now he has a cool bionic arm and a Kalashnikov rifle with the cut on the butt that says “Fuck Pennywise”. Damn, this dude was like out of a 3D-shooter! And his revenge will be terrible.

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It is easy to guess that the source of inspiration was the “It” Andres, Moschetti. Local Pennywise apparently “decimated” by bill Skarsgard. Yes, the hysteria surrounding the film subsides slowly, not raging clowns around the world, no one sues on a wave of hype, but that does not mean that craftsmen in the Network will completely cease to spoil us fit fan-art.

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Grown-up Georgie vs Pennywise – this is the story! Michael Bay probably would have liked. You can in fact stir up a spin-off in a parallel timeline, shooting, racing out of the sewer tunnels, epic explosions of red balls and turning IT into Optimus Prime, for example.

Okay, enough of imagination, see a picture. It turned out very interesting.

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