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Identify the key advantages and disadvantages of detox

Названы основные преимущества и недостатки детоксаDetox diet today is one of the most popular, so experts revealed all its pros and cons.

Absolutely all variations of detox diets include a full cleansing of the body from harmful substances such as toxins, fat and cholesterol cells and so on. Plus – rapid weight loss.

The basis of detox are fruit purees and juices from fresh fruits, vegetables, berries and herbs. But is it helpful for one or several days to consume fresh juices and smoothies, as well as whether they really cleanse the body, and does it even make sense – said by experienced nutritionists.

Benefits of detox:

You can lose 1kg in 1 day. For many people, such the effectiveness of the detox diet becomes the reason for where they choose.

Unloaded vessels. Indeed, fruit acids and water, which a lot of vegetable and fruit fresh, clean blood vessels, reduce cholesterol and blood glucose, thus improving the functionality of the vascular system, accelerating the blood circulation and saturating the blood with beneficial trace elements.

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Products for detox rich in fiber. For digestion the main component is cellulose, if it is not enough, the metabolism slows down and start to develop various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Disadvantages of detox:

The body is under stress from lack of protein and fat, which is not very healthy. If a long time people will sit on the detox diet, his body will cease to function as expected.

The muscles decrease in volume. Strange as it may sound, but because of the shortage of protein, the body begins to draw from its own reserves – and this is the muscles.

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The lack of calories slows down the process of weight loss. On the detox diet to make up for filling the need for calories is almost impossible, and even in the process of losing weight should eat at least 1000 calories per day. As a result of a serious shortage, all metabolic processes slow down and the weight stops.

As we can see, the detox diet can be useful and harmful at the same time, so it is not necessary to resort to her help too often. It is better to use a detox as a fasting day once or twice a week, but no more.

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