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Identified the main reason for the love for alcohol

Выявлена главная причина любви к спиртномуThe researchers used fruit flies as a model of alcoholism in a living organism.

American neurologists were able to establish why there is a dependence on alcohol, and what makes “tied” to break and again to start to drink even after a long abstinence. On conclusions of experts on this account, according to a press release MedicalXpress.

In insects, which at first trained to consume alcohol, scientists have disabled the genes presumably involved in the formation of alcohol dependence. Thus, the experts discovered a special ability of the gene Notch.

According to the study authors, this gene is involved in the action of the signaling network, which also involved D-2-like receptor that recognizes the neurotransmitter dopamine, responsible for the sense of satisfaction and pleasure. As noted by biologists that this receptor not only causes the animal a pleasant feeling, but is also responsible for the memory of the experience. He is responsible for the formation of addiction, scientists believe.

They found that after the adoption of alcohol and the impact on alcoolului Notch in the common signal system is the replacement of one amino acid, and is including affect D-2-like receptor. In other words, getting alcohol in the body immediately evokes the memory of the sensations associated with drinking.

Scientists said: in order to activate the memory of man does not have one glass of wine. If you then stop drinking, the mechanism of awakening the memory subsides – this fading will take about an hour.

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