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Identified the main factors that destroy marriage

Названы основные факторы, разрушающие бракThe results of research of sociologists.

After analyzing the statistics of divorces over the last five years, the scientists came to the conclusion that three factors often influence the crisis and bring the marriage to divorce. The couple are inattentive to each other, but require the partners too much, said the sociologists.

A new study of this problem published edition of Family Share. Scientists concluded that the main issue in the deteriorating relations between spouses, is the lack of attention. Husbands and wives are not interested in each other’s lives, feelings and opinions. As a result, getting hard to understand each other, which negatively affects the quality of living together.

The second factor of divorces, according to experts, is lack of praise. In such circumstances, lose motivation to improve the marriage.

“No need to skimp on the compliments to the wife if she, for example, good looks or cooked a delicious meal. Women should also be more likely to praise their men – this causes them to grow and to exert maximum efforts to provide for their families”, – gave advice to the experts.

Another reason for the cooling in marriage is a lack of romantic spouse time alone with each other, the researchers found.

In addition, the important factor of the termination of love in marriage stands excessive criticism and comparison with an unattainable ideal, said the scientists.

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