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Identified the main factors of lung cancer

Названы основные факторы развития рака легких This disease can manifest itself, even if you have never smoked.

Every fifth case of lung cancer diagnosed in those who have never even touched a cigarette. According to statistics, lung cancer affects women more, in addition, patients who have never smoked, tend to be younger smokers who are diagnosed with malignancy.

Oncologists are not yet able to say with certainty, what factors lead to the development of lung cancer in those who never smoked, but there are several reasons that increase the risk of developing the disease. And they should know, if you care about your health. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.


Up to 35% of cases of lung cancer in non-smokers is called passive Smoking. Moreover, “secondary smoke” that you exhale the smokers, much safer than the smoke from a lit cigarette, who inhale smokers. So if you can’t completely protect yourself from passive Smoking, at least avoid inhaling the primary smoke.


This material is often a part of different kind of mixes and materials . fortunately, due to the large number of studies that have confirmed the link of asbestos with the risk of lung cancer, the use of this substance gradually decreases. But if you work in construction or in industries related to asbestos, take care of heightened security.


Microparticles contained in the exhaust gases from cars, power plants, wood stoves, and can contribute to the development of lung cancer. Therefore, no matter how corny it sounds, but you should take a responsible approach to the choice of places to live and try to spend more time in the countryside, away from major highways and industries.


Women undergoing radiation therapy for cancer of the breast, subsequently have a higher risk of developing lung cancer, confirmed by studies. So, if you passed through appropriate therapy, spend a lot of time controlling her lungs and be sure to do chest x-rays annually.


Another reason why women are more likely to suffer from lung cancer – the unequal distribution of domestic labour.As the researchers found, pairs of cleaning products that have to breathe in while cleaning, and also the smoke and steam which enter the lungs during cooking can significantly increase the risk of developing the disease.

Therefore, always use extractor fan when cooking and the clean up time – protect the organs of breathing through a special mask.

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