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Identified key trends among tourists next year

Определены ключевые тренды среди туристов в будущем годуThey were installed in the survey, residents of different countries.

The Booking unveiled eight major trends in tourism in the future 2017.

In particular, experts say that in the foreseeable future will increase the role of technology in tourism, as stated on the website of the company.

Resource information, 44 percent of travelers believe that to plan a trip using a smartphone. Also many believe that will be more likely to use mobile apps while traveling.

Also, according to respondents, travel will be increasingly combined with tourism. The boundary between work and leisure will continue to blur. This is reflected in the fact that about 75 percent of respondents intend to extend their business trips to explore new places.

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Another trend will be the rising curiosity among tourists. 45 percent of respondents plan to take a new direction to travel. While 47% of respondents aimed to go where were not their friends.

However, many intend to travel to devote time to your health, and visit various places such as spas. On the background of this trend will also increase the role of ecotourism.

Receive unforgettable emotions will prevail over the joy of shopping in the coming year. So, 58 percent of respondents intend to spend money on experiences, not things.

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Regarding the choice of hotels, here travelers will be more focused on the friendliness of the staff. 42 percent of respondents are not willing to stay in hotels whose staff is not friendly.

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In addition, among the travellers increased the number of people wishing to visit the moon. About 44 percent of respondents expressed a desire to go there in 2017.

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