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Identified key tips on proper hair care

Названы главные советы по правильному уходу за волосами These recommendations will help to maintain the excellent appearance of the hair.

Healthy and lush hair, shimmering mirror reflections, does not the gift of nature, and the result of proper and careful maintenance.

The choice of shampoo

We will not open America if we say that the shampoo you should choose for your type of hair. Unfortunately, often this simple advice is neglected and buy a cure on the principle of “what the label prettier.” Thin, dull, electrified hair — here is the result of consumer negligence. For Shine and hair volume to choose tools of the trade series, whose quality is significantly better than usual.

Applying balm

Fat hair is often attributed to the hard work of sebaceous glands. But sometimes the reason is much simpler — wrong use of shampoo and conditioner. These funds should be applied from mid-length of hair, avoiding the roots.

The “right” hair accessories

When choosing a comb, barrette and other hair accessories, pay attention to the material from which they are made. The worst choice of the comb — metal. These combs not only damage the hair and scalp but also makes your hair like a cloud, but why electrifies the hair.

Also choose wooden, plastic hair clips or accessories of other natural materials. By the way, one of the causes of split ends is improper combing of hair. I make it a rule to start from the ends, lifting higher, and never comb wet hair, it spoils their structure.

Water temperature

If you don’t want to spoil the condition of my hair, get used to wash your hair in cool water. Too high temperature not only does not benefit your strands, but can also be the cause of hair loss.

Thermal protection

In today’s fast paced whirlwind of life it is almost impossible to refuse the use of Hairdryers, stylers and ploek. We understand that, so we will not sing an ode to natural, offering to abandon the usual daily beauty assistants. Just try to dry your hair in cool mode, and before styling with hot Styler spray on the hair thermal protection.

Smooth the ends

Another mistake in hair care — neglect going to the hairdresser. Regular trimming of ends is not cutting you off from the coveted length hair, and is a necessary procedure which hair looks better and healthier.

“Wind in the hair”

Each of us have at least one photo where you are on the background of the sea, rivers, woods or fields, looking into the distance, and the wind plays so well with my hair. For photography is certainly a plus, but for your hair traumatic factor. For windy weather to buy a variety of hair pins for unruly hair, collect hair in a ponytail or braid Zapletal. In winter, wear a hat, and summer hat.

Proper nutrition

As you know, beauty comes from within. And we are not just about the magic of your soul. To gorgeous looking hair don’t forget to eat and forget, finally, about the mono-diet. Drink water, exercise, and the result will not keep itself waiting long.

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