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Identified key antitrend this fall. Photo

Названы главные антитренды этой осени. ФотоThese trends are already outdated.

Despite the fact that fashion sometimes surprising its trends and innovations, the girls still give her a tribute and try to get something useful and relevant. But it is important to know not only about what is in trend, but that is already hopelessly out of date.

We have compiled a list of things that have already many bored and lose their former popularity, so you can avoid errors and to dress comfortably and stylish.

Too voluminous scarves

It is believed that voluminous scarves, enveloping not only the neck but also the shoulders, make the look very comfortable. But they are actually quite distorted proportions. The upper part of the image of this item of clothing becomes too voluminous, especially in combination with skinny jeans, skirts and petite shoes. If you want warmth and comfort, there are more elegant ways to achieve this. For example, you can wear a sweater with a high neckline or jacket in the same format and under it to tie a small warm scarf. The ratio of top and bottom will remain optimal.

Bright hipsters

Названы главные антитренды этой осени. Фото

Skinny jeans are one of the most popular styles among the girls. We will not say that these pants fit only for girls with perfect figure, but the colors just need to come up with a fair share of responsibility. If you want clothing to hide flaws and stressed the advantages of, and certainly don’t want to visually, it is even more supplemented, when choosing pants it is better to give preference to dark shades and avoid bright, especially white.

Clothing with floral embroidery

Названы главные антитренды этой осени. Фото

In the last 2-3 years floral embroidery on a variety of garments – from jackets to underwear – was considered a real trend. But today she has managed to annoy everyone. Therefore, even the designers do not strongly favor such elements of the outfit and is recommended to give preference to clothing without embroidery. In the end, there are lots of interesting textures, designs and colors, not to be stuck on one thing.

Dress-coat, tight outerwear

Названы главные антитренды этой осени. Фото

Coat of such a plan is still relevant, but still worth to write this feature petite girls, and even then not too much to concentrate on this choice. Of course, due to the unusual design effectively highlights the waist and looks very feminine. But this coat is not universal, it is difficult to find clothes. For more comfort and diversity better pay attention to other styles – straight or semifitted coats that look equally as gracefully in combination with jeans or paired with skirts and dresses.

Jackets and coats with fur “on the Lam”

Названы главные антитренды этой осени. Фото

It is also one of the recent important trends, which is currently almost completely outlived its usefulness. This fur does not look too serious, gives excessive glamour and cheapness. And, by the way, as in the previous paragraph, not too versatile: the chosen the wrong clothes can make the image too unsightly. Classic – this is our best friend at all times. And the choice here is quite wide: the flowing trench coat, a tweed or woolen coat, leather jacket at your discretion.

Large items of clothing with leopard print

Названы главные антитренды этой осени. Фото

Some stylists believe that animal prints is generally a bad choice, because such clothing generally looks defiant and not too gracefully. But really the secret is simple: everything is good in moderation. Leopard print blouse, mini or MIDI skirt, sneakers and other small items of clothing look quite stylish. But the major things, such as skirts, coats, leggings, can look too aggressive. But in this case it is possible to present yourself tastefully, the main thing – to choose a quality thick fabric and good combination with other elements of the outfit.

Fishnet tights

Названы главные антитренды этой осени. Фото

Once the fishnets were considered seductive, but now they are rather vulgar. No matter for what reason you want them to wear: it’s definitely inappropriate and unfashionable. You wonder why we touched on this subject, because the fishnet tights were popular many years ago? Just remember the recent questionable trend to wear like tights under ripped jeans and pull them literally to the navel, so that they surely were seen. Now this has ceased to be relevant, therefore, advised to return to the traditional solid-color tights, carefully chosen by size.

The tuxedo pants and the mix of styles

Названы главные антитренды этой осени. Фото

At some point, the tuxedo pants suddenly became wildly popular again. Well, I did it right. Return to the world of different models of trousers for any occasion and any taste. Also currently it has become fashionable to mix different styles into my look. And all is good, only many people have realized that fashion trend too literally and began to combine completely incongruous things. But because of the ban on this trend there, but do not forget about sense of proportion.

Pants with a back zipper

Названы главные антитренды этой осени. Фото

By and large this style is not so bad, he had already firmly taken its place in the hearts of fashionistas thanks to its originality and, according to many, best emphasising the buttocks. However, models with a back zipper, and the like, there are many opponents who believe that looks are challenging, and besides, it’s not too convenient. There may be a compromise: leave the choice to the conscience of each. But, as already shown, many of the trends that erupt abruptly, as suddenly lose their relevance. Most likely, it will happen in this case, and the majority will return to the unforgettable classics.

In conclusion: of course, tastes and preferences are different, so we in no case do not impose a particular point of view. Wear what you like do what you feel comfortable in and that accentuates your strengths. Fashion is a thing extremely volatile, and the opinion of the designers is not always the ultimate truth. Be beautiful and happy!

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