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Identified as potentially dangerous to mankind animals. Photo

Названы потенциально опасные для человечества животные. ФотоAnimals that are able to take over the world.

Man is the only mammal on Earth that has both nuclear weapons and the thumb, for when to press the red button. We are at the top of the food chain. This is not to argue? Some animals can think – and think differently than we do. Laterally spaced thumb is in monkeys.

Amazing ability of self-organization and self-sacrifice have ants, bees and rats. Cooler gorillas only hippos. When three-ton Hippo come to drink, crocodiles quietly disappear. Fortunately, gorillas are mostly good, which is not the hippos.

What if they really are United against us?..

Названы потенциально опасные для человечества животные. Фото

The higher primates

Population: approximately 500 thousand

The main advantage in front of a man: the incredible power and movement speed

King Kong is a fictional character, in one fell swoop knocks police helicopter. But half a million gorillas on our planet is real, very strong and very smart. All the higher primates (and their younger brothers in the Kingdom of apes, such as chimpanzees) run and jump better than humans, and the trees move better than any feline. The power gorilla for sure, no one has measured – attempts have been, but suicidal.

But some biologists who conducted the study in Tanzania, believe that higher primates have already entered in your stone age.
Luckily, monkeys love to quarrel among themselves – a war of their tribes takes so much effort that person they will pay attention soon.

Названы потенциально опасные для человечества животные. Фото


Population: approximately 500 thousand

The main advantage over man: amazing memory

Because the elephant – in fact, biological tank, it is better not to irritate. Judge: males weigh up to six tons, has a bulletproof skin, can go through a concrete wall, and certainly slam a person’s trunk. Another problem is that in mating season testosterone levels in males increases sharply in 60 (sixty) times.

Never go on the elephant trail unless absolutely necessary. Worse than even this, and the fact that elephants remember bullies at least in the third generation. Fortunately, if the elephant is not hurt, it won’t cause the person any harm.

Названы потенциально опасные для человечества животные. Фото


Population: in Moscow, about 1 thousand of black crows and about 200 thousand grey

The main advantage over man: coherence

One crow does not pose a serious threat to an adult, unless protecting her nest. The trouble is that crows are exceptionally intelligent and capable at the slightest danger to stray into the flock and to rebuff offenders.

A classic example is the so-called Massachusetts the behavior of crows. In this American state too crows bred, and the inhabitants decided to shoot them. Two days later, all the crows changed the flight plan to be on the verge of the reach of shotguns, but a little further. One can imagine the chagrin of the hapless hunters. Under cover of night the crows returned to the people and a little revenge for the inconvenience.

Fortunately, crow is very curious and playful bird. So, hand-held Raven, raised by a man attached to him as the most loyal dog. In General, the ravens have nothing against the man as long as he doesn’t disturb them. They love to hunt for frogs – not for food, but for sport: if you bite a toad’s liver, it breaks.

Названы потенциально опасные для человечества животные. Фото


The number is beyond counting

The main advantage over a human: terrified

Spiders are in almost every home on all continents. According to estimates of biologists, spiders annually eat more protein than collectively weigh all of humanity. They facimilie natural born hunters, and they are insatiable.

Fortunately, different kinds of spiders quarrel and cannot unite against us. But rest assured: while you read, watching you.

Названы потенциально опасные для человечества животные. Фото


The number is beyond counting, but the rats certainly more than people

Main advantage: adaptability to any conditions

Mammals, like you and me – but we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that rats are made from high strength metal. They eat almost all poisons do not act on them (in the third generation rats develop full immunity). They reproduce with great speed. In the cities rats have no natural enemies except cars.

They are very smart and always acting together. In hungry for people days rats adapting to plunder warehouses. Males lay on his back, and females have batted the boxes with chicken eggs and gently transferred the eggs along the chain. Rats were excited and quickly learned to steal even coffee beans.

Fortunately, rats are not only a threat, but also benefit: someone has to collect the scraps for us.

Названы потенциально опасные для человечества животные. Фото


Population: according to some estimates, 100 trillion different types of

The main advantage over a man: an innate self-organization

Ants have no self-preservation instinct. The ant does not exist by itself – only in their society. Anthill is very similar to a utopian human society, the he threat. Each ant is born with a profession: worker, soldier, taskmaster.

A better description of the ants belongs to a Brazilian traveler Jose Rivera:
“His cry was terrible cry, announcing the beginning of the war:
– Ants! Ants!”

Ants! This meant that people immediately had to quit my job, leave home, fire pave the way to retreat and seek refuge anywhere. It was the invasion of bloodthirsty ants tambach. They devastate huge space, stepping with a noise resembling the roar of the fire. Similar to wingless wasps with a red head and a thin little body, they are appalling, their numbers and their voracity. In every hole, in every crack, in every hole in the foliage, in nests and beehives seeping thick stinking wave, devouring pigeons, rats, reptiles, reversing the flight of people and animals…

Then, all possessed by one thought: to escape. They prefer the ants leeches and took refuge in small creeks, plunging into her neck.
Fortunately, ant swarms always feuding with each other, and if not to break their nest, they will not pay attention to you. Exception – red tambach tropical ants that eat everything, even people, and where they go, all life disappears.

Названы потенциально опасные для человечества животные. Фото


Population: according to various estimates, 125-150 thousand

The main advantage in front of a man, a giant waist and an equally evil character

Hippos are much smaller than people. The numerical disadvantage is more than kompensiruet weighing in at three tons and misanthropy. Africa’s most dangerous mammal. They bite crocodiles in half, and people in their right mind not even close to lonely Hippo. Biologists have not yet figured out why hippos eating alligators. There is a theory that they do it just because they can.

Fortunately, hippos phlegmatic, and if they cooperate, they will remain in their marshes.

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