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Ideas for a spring gastronomic tours in Ukraine

Идеи для весенних гастрономических туров по УкраинеThe most interesting in the country for food tours

Finally winter is over, and so I want to get out of the cozy cocoon of blankets to go for new experiences. For this spring and need.

Marketing online-service for search and purchase bus tickets Ekaterina Borovskaya found out where to go, when along traveled the length and breadth all the sights and visited the architecture. And described the most interesting points of the country to gastronomic tours.

With Prosecco in Lviv

Lviv — ode to the gastronomic art. Every year here opens up new places that delight not only the originality of the concepts and experimental formats cuisine, and good service. Given the constant full house of tourists in Lviv restaurateurs compete for the attention and invent intricate formats.

Most importantly, you need to go to Lviv is, of course, meat dishes. Even in the cold and snowfall tourists are not too lazy to stand in line at the “Restaurant of meat and justice”, to plunge into the medieval atmosphere and enjoy mouth-watering grilled meats and dozens of types of sausages, kebabs and steaks. It’s impossible to go hungry.

And right next door, “Rebera”, will feed you the most delicious variations of ribs, which here is made exclusively by hand. If you want something unusual, we recommend you to look cozy “Campanario X&X” to start your day with a… hot dog. 6 sausages to choose from which are prepared in the restaurant, and not smaller versions of toppings turn an ordinary sandwich into a masterpiece. The name is easy to guess, other than hot dogs, famous for establishment — sparkling wines. Start the day with a glass of cool Prosecco and oysters, to which it serves the unique sauce is just a must.

In the evening enjoy the “Drunken cherry”. Despite the fact that it monobar, fans have more than the number of classical institutions of the city. Sweet and easy cherry liqueur are particularly nice to drink from a specialized glass in the heart of Market square to the sound of the Lviv trams.

Odessa seafood

If you missed the sea, go to Odessa. And do not be afraid that April is too early to swim is a great reason to look at the city in new ways. Of course, if you are in Odessa, not need to enjoy classic steaks, burgers or salads, and seafood. Only here you will be treated to burgers from the sprat, a true mincemeat and different variations of mussels.

For mussels it is best to go to “. Bar Mussels”. Here they are served in a variety of forms and under a variety of sauces. In addition, the institution can try shrimp under a fur coat, a Pai of shellfish with mushrooms, salmon with vanilla sauce. In General, it is a haven for fans of seafood. No less fun is waiting for you at “Fish on fire”. Unlike the eponymous restaurant in Kiev, in Odessa, of course the emphasis on seafood feels much brighter. This is a great choice for a romantic dinner in the heart of the city: the original menu, exquisite presentation, indescribable atmosphere — what else you need for fun?

If you have a sweet tooth, be sure to check out cafe “Angelov”. Their desserts are masterpieces of confectionary art and the cozy atmosphere and friendly staff allow you to relax and enjoy life to the fullest.

Transcarpathian flavor

If you want something unusual and different, go to Uzhgorod. It is best to choose the second half of April, when the cherry blossoms bloom here and the city is transformed. Despite the fact that the city itself is small, institutions for gastronomic pleasure is more than enough.

To start the best day at the American café “Eat me”: there is a huge selection Belgian waffles with sweet and savoury fillings, as well as the stylish interior and good service. Not less than atmospheric, but very different in “Egan’s pub” — where you can enjoy traditional local cuisine and classic. In addition, the institution has a hostel, so after a good dinner to stay the night right there.

If you’re in Uzhgorod, make sure to stop in the candy house “Valentin Shtefanyo&Valentina”. Here you will taste unique desserts from Ukrainian confectioner with a world name Valentine shtefanio and enjoy the unique atmosphere of a true European pastry shop.

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Gastronomic journey — a great way to get a lot of pleasure and unusual experiences. Don’t be afraid to experiment, to discover new places and cuisine and enjoy life in all its manifestations!

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