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Ice Alien from Yakutia (PHOTO)

No, in the cold of the Russian territory has not fallen space ship with alien, and immortal sci-Fi Thriller by Ridley Scott was not prophetic. Just the master of ice sculptures from the village Agolia Nyurba district created an alien monster with their hands — and they turned out well, very cool.

Photos with sculptures shared by user peek-a-Boo with the nickname reg14. There he quoted one of the creators of “ice Alien”, describing his work:

Ice is a fantastic material. Yes, it is hard work. But there is some kind of magical feeling inside when working with him. Ice is water and water is in everything, the Foundation of our life on earth.

In addition, the author of the post has shared some interesting facts about the training of sculptors to work:

As it turns out, to change the color of the ice and maybe snow. Therefore, if the cover reaches 5 inches, the snow clean off. “The ice sculptures, even in natural conditions, you need to grow. Engaged in this special people”.

Well, if such a tough monster set in the city centre, I would have hurried to take a picture with him!

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