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IBIZA Kirkorov and Baskov is a masterpiece. A masterpiece of thrash metal! (VIDEO)

TV3, SyFy and Asylum nervously Smoking in aside. Yes, for the first time in almost ten years of existence of the Zone Horror we write about Philip Kirkorov and Nikolay Baskov – masterpieces and trash-clip for their collaborative track “Ibiza”!

The video appeared online several days ago, has already gathered millions of views, but what’s even cooler – this clip has now got a YouTube audience of more than 150 thousand “her parents told me” that ten to twenty thousand more than “likes”. How so, why, for what?

And you know THAT he was in this clip? Dinosaurs, severed hand (level of special effects – beyond sucks!), Mat, Mat, Mat (actually a lot of Mat), shit on the face Baskov, Horny old woman, goat eggs, Andrey Malakhov, Garik Kharlamov, Cord, Anita Tsoy, Valery Leontiev…

And for that matter, the mass audience, to fill up the video “dislike”, was simply not ready for such. Meanwhile, a clip of this obvious trash of a series of “shooting is so bad that it was a good thing,” performed in the style of the 70s. And yeah, I never thought I would write this in relation to Kirkorov, but respect, definitely.

…and the Basques deserved the horror fans a few kind words earlier!

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