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“I wish you were my healthy”: funny jokes from the real Odessa

"Шоб вы были мне здоровы": смешные анекдоты от настоящих одесситовRecipe for a happy life in Odessa.

We all know that the Odessa — people are very cheerful. They don’t lose their composure and sense of humor, even if something goes wrong.

We propose to learn this valuable skill the inhabitants of the famous city.

— Monechka, darling, tell me — do you remember when you decided to marry me?
Of course I do! When I found out that you sold I gave you a bouquet, I immediately realized: you’re exactly the woman I need!

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— Sam, I still had a dream today that you on March 8 gave me a diamond necklace!
— Sonia, if you behave, in the next dream I’ll give you a Lexus.

After the divorce, Fira the Abramovna three years in the evening tortured phantom headaches.

— Rose M., do you mind to have dinner together?
— With pleasure, Naum Lazarevich!
— Then you have exactly eight.

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After Sarah Abramovna: “I Have no words!”, Yakov Moiseevich listened to another two-hour lecture on the current situation!

— Fima, I am concerned about Shaw’s high rate of cholesterol in the blood.
— Rose, what are you so excited?
But I’m drinking it…

— Listen, Rosie, you have no mouth, and candy factory! Shaw the word is candy!

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