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“I wish you were my healthy”: a portion of Odessa’s inimitable humor

"Шоб вы были мне здоровы": порция неподражаемого одесского юмораLaughing together!

Odessa – cheerful people with amazing sense of humor.

They know how to cleverly get out of absolutely any situation and deftly to answer the most tricky questions.

We bring our readers another batch of anecdotes and hope that they will help you to remain optimistic, no matter what.

– Joseph D., and Shaw is in the apartment so quiet today?
– Monya, Yes, mother-in-law in Minsk…
– Sho, the same way… the Fridge is a great, reliable!

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After sex the husband turned away to the wall, Sara hung on the wall a picture of his mother…

A quiet and beautiful Odessa night. There is a lady, and behind her all the way is a gentleman. The lady turns and asks:
– Why are You following me all the way?!
– Madam, now when You turned, I asked myself the same question.

Oh, if you knew, how my Celia likes to talk. When she was at the resort, she tanned even the language!

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The imprint of sadness on the face of the Fima of Shniperson was suspiciously like a footprint…

Tsilechka daughter, remember, Shaw is the most reliable anchor of family life is a fat belly husband!

– Oh, how you charm! – said the strange man.
– Not local, thought the Sophie and smiled.

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