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“I will not be silent. I will not be afraid. I will continue my activities.”

«Я не буду молчать. Я не буду бояться. Я продолжу свою деятельность».

“I will not be silent. I will not be afraid. I will continue my activities.” It Ruslana Samedinova in the Arkhangelsk court

On 15 July the judge of the Arkhangelsk garrison military court Artem Silaev upheld the translation project Manager of the Fund of struggle against corruption Ruslan Samedinova at the distant military base without a mobile connection — part 26984 on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago. “The media” publishes abridged transcript of the speech Samedinova, which tells about life in a metal container and wash with melted water in “political exile”.

Your honor, for the first time in seven months, I had the opportunity to speak, for which I am very grateful. Seven months ago I was abducted from his apartment and sent into political exile. In principle, one does not hide from those around me that this is a political link with the aim to intimidate me, to intimidate all the young people who in Russia are interested in politics, opposition to the current government.

I was sent into exile in the Arctic. Moreover, I was sent to the very depths of the Arctic, I could not maintain connection and communication with my colleagues in the Fund of struggle against corruption. So I could not communicate with their relatives, near and dear to me. In fact, I really leave the political link. People who support and are interested in my story from all over the country send letters and books, which are really some of the dissident history, as sent over many miles of the opposition in previous times, and is now really the time back. Any criminal case is the current authority on me to make have been unable — yet again — we do not doubt their success. So I decided me how to isolate for a year.

Well, was sent to the Arctic, I like the guy a lot, I’ll bear all these physical and psychological trials, but I’m a sophisticated manner threw on some post, which is located almost 300 kilometers from the nearest city, where at least there is a telephone line. That is, I was deprived of even basic: in 2020, in the twenty-first century, I was denied the opportunity to speak on the phone once a week for one hour, as it should be to all military personnel.

I am deprived of access to even such basic things as water: I walk several miles every couple of days, recruited and dragged 49-liter water canister, and two soldiers dragged the same cans that we had water. I am deprived of electricity: we have a former tractor generator, which we refill every few hours with kerosene in order to have at least had light. I really so far — the month of July — I Wake up sometimes in the barrel in which they live, the fact that water dripping from the top, because the roof is leaky, or because the cold covered with frost all the walls. I really do not understand, what for so to scoff at the person in 2020 — and so I decided to go into exile, why mock me so?

I got a little deceived by the captain Alekseev, when transferred in part 26984. I got out of the car, where I was taken to Rogachevo from Belushya Lips, he gave me the interview, and primary instruction, said, “Be careful, there are polar bears, Tu-Tu-Tu, now go”. I think we’re going to the barracks, don’t think about it — and you end up in the helicopter and fly. I even have the purse was taken, and I from March 18 to April 2, was, sorry, no toothbrush, toilet paper and shampoo. Had to heat the snow.

In a place called Circino you sit and wait a month and a half while you bring the food. Throw you from a helicopter bag of canned food and a bag of groats on you, man, survive, we’re not abandoned, not forgotten. I get letters from people, some write: “hi Ruslan, this is my letter No. 5 response from you, I have not received.” Letters I delivered selectively from close to show before the court.

No real learning [the military profession] I’ve been in the electrics do not understand, Your honor, even being the “electrician of the second category”. In part 23362 at first I never studied, then for me the exclusive “learning company” in which I was alone: I was sitting in the office, with me sitting contracted an unfortunate Sergeant who filmed me on camera to me nothing happened. Removed, as I sit, a month and a half. What they learned? Did not learn anything. A couple of days before transfer to the part 26984 issued the certificate, where it says that I now have access to the second or third category “electrical appliances”.

[When transferred to Chirkino, in that same hour said, “You Samidinov credited to the post “motorman”” and showed how to run an old tractor engine. Nobody asked me, fait accompli. I had not been trained on the “motorman”, trained to survive. The engine I can fill it, it’s simple science, but the work of a motorman are almost there: fill in and make the transfer of eight tons [of fuel] — I have four blisters on my hands, because I ten days ago poured from one barrel to another, which is about three and a half hours takes. Now, while I’m here in Chirkino came a tanker, so I at least don’t unload a tanker of diesel — thank you, Your honor.

When taken to the court], I called the commander of part Colonel mardzvincau and said, “Samidinov, let’s do so: you abandon their claims, in return I promise to leave you in the garrison and ladies to use mobile phone — as a week hour. I said, “Pfft, it was so-so option.” He said: “you Will live here, but no political statements and activities”. To which I replied that engage in political activities on the New Earth seriously, and in any case, the proposal is unacceptable, still I cheated.

From the point I made three days ago: I arrived at 16:50 in the garrison, already at 18:00 was put in the outfit, which stood for the day. Through the day the idea was to change the outfit, but I put the second day. I was 48 hours without sleep, and then [the commander] said, “You know what awaits you when you return.” I understand that I will arrive and days will stand and not sleep, and then a couple days pass, I will have a hard time, and I was sent back to Chirkino. I understand all this, but from the right to go to court will not give even threatened not to sleep for a couple days.

Your honor, here we are in the masks, because the coronavirus — I was very worried all this time, I heard that in Moscow epidemic, there lives my mother, my family — I couldn’t even find out about their condition. So far I have not had a chance to call, I still don’t know, hurt any of them.

«Я не буду молчать. Я не буду бояться. Я продолжу свою деятельность».Transfer Ruslan Samedinova in part without when involved personally the Deputy commanding officer of the 45th army

If someone believes that I should have been afraid or something to stop his political activities, I or my colleagues at the FCO had to stop its investigations and tell the truth about the corruption of the people, who seized power in Russia now — well, nothing will, I’m not scared. I have seven months [serve] as you can see, I stand before you alive. Some I have cuts, scrapes, I’m really tired, because quite a few are sleeping, do not drink clean water, and my bath is that I melted snow heated on the heater, which according to documents passes as an electronic fireplace, but actually it is a conventional heater small; so I stoked the snow, and then this water to wash Your honor (laughs) and then I the same water you brush your teeth and then prepare her soup.

That is, no conditions, and it is all done to ensure that when I will be released — whatever came up with the law enforcement agencies of Russia, I would be free sooner or later, maybe they’ll figure something out, and again somewhere I would be dragged in — but I will in any case be able to talk about these egregious violations of their basic rights. If you are afraid, what I will tell you, and deprive me of the phone, well, I still talk about it, it is impossible to hide it. I will not be silent. I will not be afraid. I will continue my activities. Everyone who works in the FCO, for them this is not a lesson that someone had to offer — all continued its activities with an even greater anger.

I admire the courage of command of this part, which I look you in the eye and said, “Well, Samidinov, well you all know the type we do not accept, we from Moscow called some uncle Kartapolov, Deputy defense Minister, and said that we need to do so — I’m sorry about that and no offense.” Somewhere deep down I understand that people are somehow forced, them ordered. But never can forgive that, Your honor, and the distinguished representative of the part with which I have legal proceedings: I do not forgive and I do not understand if you give a knowingly criminal order, at least talk about it, fight back, show the discontent of this situation. And it turns out that you speak for me as you support me, what I have done, but do it in a whisper, and yet no one hears, to bleach. I will not forget and will not forgive, and people who watch what happens, also will not forget and will not forgive.


Your honor, we met on 21 February and then I was the only one kidnapped by lawlessness. You then ruled, after listening to some dark forces; I’m not sure who exactly makes the decisions for me on a regular basis, but you then decided not in my favor. Thus, you have opened Pandora’s box: now kidnapped a kid with asthma, you’ve probably heard the case — Artyom ionov from Moscow, the employee FBK, our it guy. A guy who’s policy was doing… he was mostly spread by the rollers, didn’t do anything else, basically the Internet in FBK was set up. He had asthma, he cannot be drafted into the army, but because you, dear court gave the green light to kidnap all the rest, he was kidnapped. He was kidnapped from the apartment and sent to Chukotka guy with asthma. If it’s lean, your Shoigu, the distinguished representative of part 26894, I promise that sooner or later I will get to see him on the dock. Whatever happens with Artem ionov by in BUT where it won’t come to the doctors personally on his hands.

You’ve covered some of the legal acts, about me, Pro-Kremlin media and junkyards telegram-TV wrote that Samedinova [sent to serve] a legitimate — despite the fact that I have cut the door and quickly brought to the New Land. Well, okay, but then what? The guy has asthma, you stealing him. Throw away all the political preferences of the opposition you or proplast, people with asthma may not be in the closed military town in Chukotka, physically, he may die. I told my lawyers that Ionova give calls, but calls will not save the guy. I sat in the office next door, I saw that he was asthmatic and puffin ‘ on that thing with the inhaler.

Now kidnapped my colleague Ivan Konovalov — the man who was not engaged in politics, he was the press Secretary of the “Alliance of doctors” and is an organization that works to protect the rights of medical workers. On the background of the coronavirus is very important, because many of them cheat and do not pay the required payments. He fought for the doctors who saved the life of our — of my-no, because I was kept in the New Earth where I am not passed examinations, but it certainly measured the temperature, and you have seen it all. He’s here in Arkhangelsk, we are now informed, in the military unit 21514, is boot camp. That is, I know exactly what you it on exiled. He also has health problems, which was confirmed by medical testimony, but then all chaos.

Here it is obvious to all that this case is politically motivated. And you, Your honor, can save face in this matter, I honestly advise you. I understand that you don’t send me home, I understand that this is all the time I was sent to the secret city, then you can’t save me, and I until December I will be in this link. But you can somehow relieve me… You know, at the time of the Nazis, you can be that dude who saved Jews.

Now were here Bulk, he said, like: “I’m your mother and I were talking, it seems more or less alive and well”. This is the only moment when I learned something about my mother, starting from March 18. March 18, I also called her, I run a report with that date, when I was formally able to call.

«Я не буду молчать. Я не буду бояться. Я продолжу свою деятельность».The Instructor Agabekov. Zamkomandira part where is Samidinov involved in attempts to cover up the death of conscripts

You have now sent back, I’ll come and say to these guys that here is no snow, it turns out that there are trees and water because they live there and do not know. I, through court today were here and they live there and not know about it. And so I will continue to fight not only for their rights but for the rights of children, which there is absolutely no reason for them to be there, and for the rights of those officers, who turn to me.

Here you sit on the phone, texted all the meeting, so all decisions in our country, Your honor, for political Affairs.

You already sent a solution, I understand. Once again I ask you, you can’t have me now completely free, it is clear that you can’t afford it, you won’t be allowed, but to alleviate the plight of the prisoner, however pathetic it may sound, it’s all in your hands. This is a very bad trend and very bad times are coming, when the Ministry of defence use as a branch of the FPS. I ask you to take the only right decision — to cancel the illegal order of the commander, provide me with mobile communication, as is required under the Charter and as required by daily schedule.


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