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“I shovu you”: the Network has revealed a new version of the song Scriabin. Video

«Я сховаю тебе»: в Сети показали новую версию песни Скрябина. ВидеоGroup “Skryabin” introduced a new version of a song Kuzma

“Beloved, spіvaєmo, howev the heart..” – that was signed by the band “Skryabin”, presented his new job – a cover of the song Andrei Kuzmenko “I shovu you.” The vocals in the new version of the sang permanent member of the group “Skryabin” Olga Lizgunova.

Olga Lizgunova more known to the audience as a member of the group “Payuschie cowards”, and in 2010 she sang on the same stage with Kuzma in the group “Scriabin”. After the death of Andrei Kuzmenko Olga continued to perform at concerts in memory as a backing vocalist. Today, the musicians first recorded the song in which Lizgunova sang the main vocals. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Alex zwolinski (guitarist and Manager of the group “Skryabin”): “This entry appeared unplanned, as well as all our current activity. We do not develop the strategy of promoting the group, not planned concerts and is not guessing in advance. Everything that is happening in the “Scriabin” is a reaction to the requests of the fans. Also improvised was born and a new version of the song “I shovu you.” Preparing for the concert in Lviv, which took place in February, we recorded a video invitation, where Olga sang to the guitar the song.

Turned out beautifully, and it gave us the idea that she could sing other songs from the repertoire. A new version of the song “I shovu you” we recorded in the Studio and now present to our fans”.

As the video for the song the band used pictures of Andrei Kuzmenko. Most fans warmly embraced their new job. Presented on the official page of the group “Skryabin” in the Facebook video with the new version of the song “I shovu you” gathered a lot of positive reviews:

“Wahaha scho staviti: like, heart Chi close. Chudovo vikonannya th aranguena and close od, scho slouches Olya and citica Kuzma”.
“After smart Cosimi. , I Waslala solstroy Gurtu, Bo won was worried TSI, moment together with him scen I Spala order s Kuzma, won vzhe got TSI EMI, Tsey of posil I I not required TSE again pridumyvat. Elegant version!”

“Olga is the fellow, it should be Bulo are Robit . solstroy odrazu, in niy je Tsey drive, pancost to yakih mi zwykli…”
“Goose SCR. I think scho tapers Skryabin sluchaty will not. Moltz, dyakuyu scho startes”.

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