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“I miraculously survived”: Stas Peha supported Borisov, speaking about drug addiction


Recently in the show “Let them say” mom, Dana Borisova said that her daughter is suffering from drug and alcohol dependency. Now the presenter is in rehab in Thailand.

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In a difficult situation Given was alone. She is supported by family and friends. For example, the other day Prokhor Chaliapin defended the presenter, saying that everyone has the right to be wrong: “I’m not a moralist and I am sure that the “saints” among us there, and everyone can be in a difficult situation. So let’s just be kind and lenient to each other! Believe in a return Given to telerin and her bright creative future! And reputation? Remember Britney Spears and a bunch of these stories!”

After Prokhor Chaliapin to support Dana decided and Stas Pieha. The man admitted that he too suffered from drug addiction once and almost died.

So, at the time the singer was addicted to illegal substances due to loneliness. “Parents constantly was not home, so inside was a black hole and no sense that you are loved. Substances this hole for some time filled,” — said Stas. Moreover, during the drug three times Piekha had a heart attack and “miraculously survived”.

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