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I love it-a vampire role-playing game Code Vein

Company Bandai Namco has announced action role-playing Code Vein, notable for a fairly original view on the subject of vampires.

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The development project is the team responsible for the series God Eater. Gama uses the Unreal Engine 4. The game is set in a dystopian near future in which the world is inhabited by feeding on the blood of the revenants.

In the near future, a mysterious disaster has befallen our world. Towering skyscrapers, once a symbol of prosperity of civilization, are now lifeless graves, pierced by the Thorns of Justice. In the center of the devastation is hidden society of Ghosts, called Vein. It’s a fortress, where few are fighting for survival, blessed with the gifts of power in exchange for memories and a thirst for blood. Fully surrendering to the craving, you run the risk of becoming one of the Lost, evil vampires deprived of human appearance

Local ghouls, visually very nice, overall good guys, but if the long vampire doesn’t drink blood, you can go to mad monster. The revenant has access to the Bloody Curtain devices capable of extracting blood from enemies, to improve their abilities-gifts. Using them, players will be able to change the shape, increase power, weaken opponents and to use the new features of the weapons. Together with the satellites, we will explore dungeons in search of “the truth about the world.” Basically battles will be fought using melee weapons – one-handed and two-handed swords, spears, and hammers.

The game can be played together. It is assumed that the release will be in 2018. Fly in the ointment – apparently, Gama will be released only on consoles.

Click and watch the slideshow of the Wallpaper on the game:

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