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“I don’t want to be killers”: In Novosibirsk “rebelled” members of election commissions

«Не хотим быть убийцами»: В Новосибирске «взбунтовались» члены избиркомов

“I don’t want to be murderers”: the Novosibirsk members of election commissions refused to work on voting on nullification of the terms of Putin

Novosibirsk members of precinct election commissions (PECs) have started to sign open letter urging colleagues not to vote on amendments to the Constitution. The authors call it “senseless risk” and say they do not want infected with the coronavirus loved ones and the elderly for whom it can be fatal.

Members of the Novosibirsk wick No. 1715 and No. 1967 Maxim Matusow and Alexey Nefedov signed the letter with a call to abandon work on voting on amendments to the Constitution. The authors consider it hazardous for Commission members and voters, the statement says.

“We, the members of the commissions will constantly be on the site for 7 days and help to vote to thousands of people. We will be in contact with them in the polling and door-to-door rounds. And should get at least one Commission member as probably the whole Commission would also be infected. And after each day of work we go home and bring the disease. For some of our people it will be fatal, — said the authors of the letter. — Moreover, participating in voting July 1, we are not only exposed to mortal danger the lives of our families, we risk becoming the real killers, and for many voters”.

According to the signatories, “the vote of July 1, is a senseless risk”, because, according to the CEC head Ella Pamfilova, legally, amendments to the Constitution already adopted, and the plebiscite — “a gesture of goodwill on the part of the President.”

“That is repeatedly greater amount of stress than usual, passing by law, voting in elections, and we just don’t understand why you need such sacrifices and risks, why should we hold this vote now, and at this price, — the letter says. We are not expendable. We don’t want to endanger the lives of their spouses, children and parents. We don’t want to be murderers”.

Discussion of possible “strike week” began after the post of associate politician Alexei Navalny Leonid Volkov. He invited the Commission members to refuse to work on voting and campaign colleagues to do the same.

Voting on amendments to the Constitution will be held from 25 June to 1 July. Previously the date was confirmed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, he said that the peak of the epidemic has passed.

Taiga.info in detail about how the Federal authorities want to conduct a “nationwide vote”: the use of outdoor tents and army tents instead of the usual polling stations, ban on the blinds in the cabins, the cancellation of any passport data in the voter lists.

From 10 to 13 March, the bill to amend the Constitution had to approve controlled by the “United Russia” the state Duma and the Federation Council. Regional parliaments, in which the “ER” also, most people supported the document (members of the faction of the Communist party and some independent MPs abstained or was opposed to). Some of the major changes included extending the powers of the President of the Russian Federation, in addition, it offers oboli terms of Vladimir Putin as President, after which he will run until 2036.

March 14, Putin officially signed the law on amendments to the Constitution. Amendments adopted by the constitutional court.

Now, the “Russian vote” will be submitted the question “do You approve of the changes in the Constitution of the Russian Federation?” that is, the people can only vote for or against all the amendments at once. The Kremlin said that the amendments will enter into force, if they support more than half of voters — turnout is not installed. It was supposed to go on April 22, but because of the pandemic coronavirus it was postponed indefinitely. Russia remains in third place in total number of cases of coronavirus in the world.

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