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I do not believe people do not change beliefs throughout life

 Today I have a sad holiday. I received the first pension. And sit in the woods in isolation. One. Took a bottle of dry red. Brewed strong green tea with ginger and sat down with my computer.

What I wrote is not worth reading for young people. You will not understand and will not appreciate. They can’t forbid it, but the restriction 45+ set. And that’s very democratic. In fact, this text is for sixty years and older.

I notice that there are a lot of elderly people. The Internet in particular, and indeed digital technology smaller and smaller share of generation. Today’s pensioners are already accessible and understandable to almost everyone that for many years was considered a lot of the young. We are so densely populated of the information environment, I guess soon the social network will be considered to be hangout of old people and the young will have to find some another place to implement its progressiveness. The world is changing rapidly, but, thank God, is changing without jerks and tragic fractures. So, as he has to change.

But our pensioner’s memory, it has varied and otherwise. We come from the USSR. We are residents of a long-defunct country. People with taken Home. Even the oath – the oath of allegiance, which is actually supposed to give once in their lifetime and we brought not Russia.

And the banners that we kissed was a different color and different content.


Я не верю людям, не меняющим убеждения в течение жизни


Not so long ago, suddenly tuning in to a channel Nostalgia, saw a retro weather forecast. This – to tears! In Tbilisi and Yerevan the snow, in Riga and Tallinn damp. In Chisinau and Odessa is equally warm. In Alma-ATA again skate on Medeo, and in the Ferghana valley as Paradise. And this music!..

Я не верю людям, не меняющим убеждения в течение жизни


But there, at Home we were all in varying degrees dissidents. It’s funny to call “combat mode”, but the permanent youth renderowanie is required. Even in fashion. Long hair, kleshenyh pants, which are uncomfortable to walk, but still go to the hem on the leg in the back half zips from demolition. Expensive American cigarettes, although its heaps cheap. Plates not the Melody, but at least Balkanton. Enemy voices on the radio. The best books, printed on a rotator, or simply on the machine. Misspellings and unreadable in places. And talk about everything. Free and fearless. It is because there seems to be something to fear.

Я не верю людям, не меняющим убеждения в течение жизни


Oh, how I dream today’s dissidents stuck in the old times about the arrests and landings! Well, there is no prowess to speak the truth, or what you believe to be true, if you’re not in danger! We fucking threatened. We knew the price of freedom and truth. Even if yourself end up with.

As we got older. We leave to retire and sit in social networks, uncoiling memory as a tape Babin. Us is expensive. And wonder what are not able to stop to be the children of those of our friends, with whom we were free and fearless. Why now suddenly become enemies. Age in itself is wealth. Banality, of course, but you understand that not all that is banal, not necessarily true. Age gives the opportunity of eternal values to separate from worldly desires. It seems not everyone. Or is it a feeling of youthful heroism, the eternal opposition, the eternal figs in your pocket – it’s like a drug. Without it in any way? It turns out that someone really hooked back then.

Я не верю людям, не меняющим убеждения в течение жизни


I do not believe people do not change beliefs throughout life. Dissident you have to be in my youth. They remain in the old age, stupidity, and sometimes meanness, because dispose is not the right of other people’s lives and destinies. Forgetting that your life is almost worthless – how much is there left? Time to piss, as you would say in the Union. And their lives – those whose lives are you willing to dispose of, they are very valuable. They still live and live. Despicable, of course. Need to say goodbye to youthful foolishness and the Fronde. Need to finish shout and rage, boasting of their own bravery – here supposedly what I am brave, out of whom bite! About such grandfather Krylov said. At the beginning of the 19th century. And you still can it will not hear. Say good-bye, gentlemen. Say good-bye. It’s time to grow up. Everything has already happened that you so wanted.


And our balance of values is shifted towards memory. Life is worth less, the memory costs more. Maybe that’s why we’re here? Novice or already retired get, a free feel in the new digital world. Because the memory value. And the memory is in gigabytes, damn it. And empty, not filled in our memory the gigabytes we are more and more perceived as a personal insult.

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