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“I didn’t know”: Marilyn Kerro disrupted the test of “Battle of psychics”

Witch Marilyn Kerro recently unwittingly broke the test on the show “Battle of psychics”. Participants in the transfer of Ivan Vlasov at the sole discretion of the jury had to leave the project, but he was asked to pass the final test.

If the technomage coped with the task, he would be allowed to stay on the show. Ivan was asked, whose picture is in the enclosed gold envelope. The young man was visibly nervous, because the answer depended his fate.

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Ivan and Marilyn

However, while he pondered to answer the question hastened Marilyn Kerro. “The envelope was, I didn’t know that I could not say. I’m sorry,” he met a witch.


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In the end, for Ivan had to hastily invent a new test. Printed photos in the Studio was not, then the case went on the phone. Alas, the magician could not guess, who is depicted in the picture — Ivan still left the “Battle of psychics.”

Meanwhile, a recent issue shows Marilyn Kerro was able to save from death a girl anorexic.

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