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I Did! How much to pay?

Я - Кремлебот! Сколько платят?

How to become kremlebotom? Quite simply, if you write objectively, not water power indiscriminately mud, allow yourself to criticize Navalny, be prepared for the fact that in the comments to your posts, you will be called – kremlebotom putinoidom etc.


An additional argument, which is used to enroll me in kremleboty is that many years ago I served in the KGB. Yes I served and continue to serve, although the KGB is long gone. If any of the readers are former guards, they will understand why I say so.


I,a man who fights for each of you, even if you don’t ask, just can not on the other.


I’m not a supporter of Putin, rather, the opposition, especially after the pension reform.


But the Bulk… all of his “investigation” – a typical example of Goebbels’s propaganda on the principle of 60/40 – 60 % truth and 40 % lies, and maybe more. This is a typical weapon of liberastov supporters of chaos.


Have proof – go to the Prosecutor. No soapy in two holes.The presumption of innocence ,no not heard? He still Zurabov accused that in Ukraine, the Maidan happened. Such anti-Soviet before in prison taught rules of conduct. Maybe now the slalom under the racks will hold, skier with 35 years of experience.


But it’s not him, and he took possession of your mind is not noticeable to you.

You sit in front of the monitor or get a tablet, nor anything in your ear, not whispering, you just read and thinks that they themselves came to the conclusions Bulk, you think it’s your choice. No!


You know that for the last 2 years, created 4 information center for information warfare in Russia – in finladia, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Poland? This is a military unit, their task is to deprive the population of faith in the future, to weaken the social ties of the population with the authorities. This I will briefly describe their tasks although more complicated.


We have opposed them information center of the Ministry of Defense, created 4 years ago. Cyber wars are not science fiction they come! Just the expense of men is not dead and losses. Moved ideologically to the enemy millions of our citizens, it is our loss. Go most – playing a war. No bombs,no shooting. That is the reality today.


And the Ministry of Defence as robust force in our government structures understand that one of the information confrontation is not to win. If there is no real social security of citizens, justice in the Courts, free education and healthcare. Any kremleboty will not help! But there are deputies and senators who are digging themselves a hole, cutting off the population from the government, its laws which may cause destabilization of the population who essentially spit in the face of millions of Patriotic people.


Modern opposition is marginalized, which is contrary the thesis of successful people.

The marginal environment of the place where it develops Nazism and terrorism, both birds of a feather.


Now to the most interesting. How many of me did you, for my article pay?


No article for the money I do not write, I Express my opinion for which no one is paying me. Not

pay even for the fact that my opinion does not coincide with yours. Because it’s yours, and my opinion.

I’ll tell you more – the Authorities in our opinion nachihat 100 times.


A Troll factory? Yes, I know the factory like this. But to state they have no relationship, is a kind of public relations agencies that operate the money of those who pay them. Yesterday was “stoked” for the Kremlin for Navalny. I know personally a few “trolls” who work there, the work is hard – it is necessary to release at least five articles a day, 3000 characters each, then you’ll get 45 MP per month. Others get comments, 2-3 rubles per review. Try to post 100 comments, then you will know how much she penny kremlebotov.

While the West pays its key people. For what they pay you, if you do drown for Bulk and Grudinina for free.


All. The report is finished).



Valery Rozanov, doctor of psychology



About the Bulk of exposure, the presenter Naila Asker-zade. For the rot that pours on the girl Bulk… Well, for a man eggs him to tear along with him, paid the Pindos head…

For “our” liberastov smart, beautiful and rich woman is nonsense. Even just intelligent and beautiful. For them, the Sable and Novodvorskaya – the ultimate dream.


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