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“I can’t feel half of the body”: Andrey Gubin spoke about diseases of the nervous system

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42-year-old singer Andrei Gubin rarely appears in public. Recently, the musician went to the Studio of the transmission “Oh, mom!” on TV channel “Mir”, where he spoke about his condition.

The audience didn’t recognize the idol of the 90s. He looked nervous and offended some fans. “I believe that I was being hunted. I’m on the run, so don’t really talk… But the people I really love and have remained the same as it was. I’m a little more antsy, but you’ll try in my situation to not be antsy. So, of course I’m pumped,” — said the artist.

According to Gubin, his disease progresses, and Intrusive attention from the fans gets on his nerves: “I “floats” the entire left side of his face, on the neck of some bands… I can’t feel half of the body, and the doctors say everything is fine. My lips are blue, the whole body is falling apart. But I’m used to it”.

Due to increased attention to the person Gubin began to travel, to avoid unnecessary questions: “I always feel myself more attention than before. Unfortunately. It’s awful. I roughly understand why. Of course, to go with this mug… Well, face hurt, guys, well, how much can you mock? What are you doing?”

The artist also added that he regrets that still single: “Maybe it sounds cruel, but I don’t regret not married until now. That is, I didn’t have a girl I wanted to marry. My face hurts, I don’t have children… taking Care of children is a manifestation of a certain force, and I can’t”.

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Recall now Andrew 42 years old, but he looks older. According to the artist, this is due to a rare disease of the nervous system, which Andrew suffers a lot of years. “I have a sore body,” admitted the singer in an interview.

It is a disease was the reason for such sudden departure Gubina from the scene in the beginning of the two thousandth. Since then, Andrew repeatedly released songs and produced other artists, but the past success to achieve he has not succeeded.

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