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Hyundai has planned a massive switch to hydrogen engines

Hyundai запланировал массовый переход на водородные двигатели The company is investing heavily in this technology.

The Korean automaker announced that it will start to develop the project, involving the introduction of hydrogen engines. Plans to significantly expand research in this direction, and gradually to equip all models such powertrains.

According to the plan, the Korean company is going after 12 years to produce at least 700 of the thousands of power plants running on hydrogen. First units will be designed for passenger vehicles. But, the brand does not exclude cooperation with large shipbuilding firms engaged in production of drones.

The Koreans noted that for hydrogen installations is the future. They can be actively applied in various fields, not only in the automotive industry.

In the development of this project is expected to invest more than 6.7 billion dollars. It will create new production areas which will provide jobs for 50 thousand specialists.

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