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Hypocritical lawlessness

Лицемерное беззаконие

Coordinator of the Moscow headquarters of Navalny Oleg Stepanov arrested the second overpack at the outlet of the detention center, where Oleg served 8 days in jail for allegedly “calls for unauthorized michigam”.

Oleg was taken to the police station Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, there will be a new Protocol on administrative offense (don’t even know what), then good luck in “court” and put another number of the day do not understand why.

We all have become accustomed to it, of course. And the “chains of arrests” too — although it is a fairly fresh innovation.

Let me tell you again the obvious about why to get used to it and consider it normal does not.

Suppose (!), somebody had committed several administrative offences. But the Protocol on administrative offense, in accordance with the administrative code, shall be made either at the scene of the offense or, in exceptional cases, within two days after its detection. At this rate, the courts have long been spit — champion here I am, I made the Protocol on 10 June 2019 for the offence from September 9, 2018 (9 months!) — but it somehow tried to justify the fact that, well, there were problems, failed to establish the whereabouts of the offender to be brought to justice.

But if the person is already in detention in the institution, which belongs to the same Ministry, the interior Ministry, which is investigating an administrative offense, and is protocols. Nothing prevents, in fact, while the offender sits, make against him as many protocols as you need.

Why is this not happening?

Because the terms of administrative arrests don’t add up. That is, if you were given 3 times 10 days at a time, you sit still for 10 days. Arresting a person on the way out and resubmitting to the court, they bypass this restriction, artificially extending the period of arrest. In the potential, get the opportunity to at least a life sentence for “retail” deal. (Well, not life, there is a year Statute of limitations, but a year easily, without any problems).

But most importantly, of course, is that there is a purely repressive, torturous approach. Consciously. People spent, ready to break free of his waiting family and friends — and then pack it again in the most joyous moment in front of friends. This is a very heavy psychological blow, injury to all (most, of course, for the prisoner, who had just was counting the hours until the release — and then again without the phone in the car in total obscurity)— and the state does it quite deliberately.

This iniquity is also very hypocritical. Because it’s that same state which, when he had to, professed Jesuit-legalists approach (“here you have in signature small mistake we kill, the law is harsh — but it’s the law”) — it’s defiantly spits on own laws in other cases. (In this case, the Code of administrative offences). Can’t never forget when we once again will explain that “well, we can’t register — maybe I would, but the letter of the law does not”.

In General, we are all very important not to weaken intolerance. As we first used to pay fines, then the arrests are not used in the same way to this “chain of arrests”. It is critical not to forget and not to forgive.

Well, the ECHR, of course.

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