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Hypertension: symptoms and who is at risk

Гипертония: первые симптомы и кто в группе рискаThe doctors explained, which develops hypertension and what are her symptoms.

Jumps in blood pressure can occur for various reasons and they should not fear, because this phenomenon is considered normal. But if the pressure is constantly elevated even at rest, when there are no predecessors hypertension, then we can say that a person has developed hypertension.

In any case, himself a person to make a diagnosis cannot and frequent jumps in pressure should consult a physician who will confirm or refute hypertension. Pressure is considered elevated if its level above 140/90 mm Hg. article

Who are at risk of hypertension?

– people with excess body weight, i.e. obesity;

– direct heredity, when mom or dad have or had the same diagnosis;

– women and men after age 50 and this is due to hormonal changes;

– those with diagnosed atherosclerosis or any other vascular disease in which arteries are narrowed and strongly slows down the blood circulation.

– constantly nervous and afflicted people;

Amateurs to eat fatty foods that clog blood vessels after cholesterol;


– smokers and alcohol drinkers.

Symptoms of hypertension:

Break into a sweat. If you no then of a sudden broke into a sweat, then this could be dramatically increased pressure.

The deterioration of memory. Over time, high blood pressure noted that at some moment they began to forget everything, and when the disease started progressing, to accept and defer to the shelves in the brain new information has become almost impossible.

Excessive puffiness. Mainly in hypertension swollen face and fingers. And swelling may occur both in the morning and evening.

Severe headache. If you have a headache, the reason may be found in arterial hypertension, by measuring the pressure you will see is it really. In this case, you must first reduce the pressure, and then decide what to do next. Usually, when the pressure is normalized, the pain disappears by itself.

Dizziness. In this state, a person cannot adequately interpret the situation, so he needs to call an ambulance.

Pain on the side where it has heart. In this case, to delay the call for emergency care are categorically dangerous, as with hypertension may develop some disease, for example, a heart attack.

Don’t ignore symptoms of hypertension and seek immediate medical help, because this disease can lead to serious consequences, ranging from a hypertensive crisis and ending heart attack or stroke.

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