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“Hydropanels” produce 3,000 liters of water from the air

Installation Zero Mass Water work in 20 countries. The company sells panels to rich clients, and the money invested in charity projects. The startup has already managed to estimate that bill gates and Jeff Bezos — they invested in the company $22 million.

Water from air

In Jamaica, many residents are forced to buy bottled water because tap water is unsafe to drink. Because of this, the amount of plastic waste is increasing. Recently, the government had to introduce a complete ban on the sale of plastic packages, tubes and polystyrene foam. However, to refuse bottles country can not yet.

American startup, Zero Mass Water found the solution to the problem. The company has developed a system which condenses clean drinking water from the air. The technology is already experience in one of the hospitals of Kingston. On the roof two blocks of the building set 20 “hydropanel” on solar energy.

Thanks to nano-based genospecies material system absorbs moisture from the air, after which it is pumped into the tank. There it is enriched with minerals and becomes suitable for drinking.

Monthly installation Source produce more than 3000 litres of liquid. This is enough to provide water to all the hospital patients.

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Zero Mass Water already installed panels in 20 countries. In Lebanon they produce water for refugee children from Syria, India hydropanels placed on the roofs of schools, and in Kenya provides water for girls who reside at the crisis center.

Earlier the startup has provided the development of a fire station in Puerto Rico after hurricane “Maria” the water supply system in the region was destroyed. The Source panel is resistant to damage, and the company hopes that they will survive the next wave of hurricanes.

Artesian well in every home

Zero Mass Water is not only charity projects. The startup, which raised $65 million from investors, sells its setup to wealthy homeowners. One unit on average costs about $2000.

“Many people want to reduce the amount of plastic waste and reduce the amount of emissions associated with the production of bottled water. We help to solve this problem,” — said the head of Cody Friesen in an interview with Fast Company.

According to him, the money from commercial projects go to charity. While the production Source is expensive, but Friesen hopes that soon innovation “hydropanels” cheaper — as has happened with solar modules.

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The quality of the water produced, the entrepreneur is not in doubt.

“In fact, we can construct a likeness of an artesian well at any point of the planet,” he said.

Project frisina managed to Fund support Breakthrough Energy Ventures, which is run by bill gates, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson. The organization has invested in Zero Mass Water $22 million.

Low innovation

Earlier Friesen admitted that he aims to create innovative technology. Getting water from air is a simple procedure, it happens inside any air-conditioning. Mission Zero Mass Water is to make such systems are popular and available.

Over technology to extract moisture from the air work by many engineers. In August, American scientists presented the draft portable machine that produces up to 40 liters of water per hour.

In October, the Grand Prix in the competition of Water Abundance from XPrize has got a project Skysource/Skywater Alliance of Los Angeles. Engineers have created a foldable device that can drain moisture from the atmosphere, condense it and filter giving at the output clean drinking water from 113 to 1135 liters per day.

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