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Husband of the former soloist “Cream”, said: “the Money she collects is not on treatment, it’s a lie!”

Recently it was reported that Daria Ermolaeva from the first part of the group “Cream” is in a difficult situation in Brazil. Allegedly, the singer needs medical and financial assistance. Actress Dolnikova, a friend of Daria’s, some time ago posted on Instagram with a request to help with money the former soloist of the popular group. She also wrote that all the troubles to blame the ex-husband of the singer, which forced her to sell the apartment and move to Brazil.


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  • Not Harry Potter a single rose as the other “students of Hogwarts” for 15 years managed to contact an ex-lover of the singer Denis Gatalsky, he immediately called Darya swindler! Ex-husband said: “It’s an absolute lie, which was invented and implemented thanks to old contacts Darya, to the audience, powerisa in this story, transferred her money; in other words, the person thus earns. First, I’ve never been in Brazil: I am a former soldier and, accordingly, wear until now the status can not travel abroad. Man thinks only of himself! But it literally raved about the move.”

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During his frequent trips to Brazil Daria managed to find a replacement husband — had an affair with a local and already pregnant with his child. The former singer has a son from David, but he’s officially a nobody to him is not necessary. Gatalsky explained: “We divorced in the middle of this summer, and when the divorce I read that in Brazil, my child lives, I was told that without documents I told him no. And they do not. At birth, the baby automatically becomes a citizen of the country in which he was born. According to the laws of Brazil, if the father is not registered, then the graph of paternity is blank, the child receives the surname of the mother and it is considered to be a single mother. Our stamps in the passports and marriage certificate there have no power. So I’m officially baby — no one.” Gatalsky wants to participate in the life of a child and proving paternity.

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Ex-husband expressed their suspicions about the disease Daria: “you Know, I never saw her anywhere diagnosis, it is worth considering. In any case, I wish good health for her and her children. As already said, this is a completely fictional story with the support of Teona Dolnikova. She might have really now problem with money, as the man never in my life officially has not worked and is not going to do that.”

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