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Husband of Regina Todorenko was involved in a serious accident

Муж Регины Тодоренко попал в серьезное ДТПThe artist will have to take the car in for repair.

Russian singer and husband of TV presenter Regina Todorenko Vlad Topalov stunned the public by publishing on the network a message indicating that he was involved in a serious accident.

About their experiences and impressions Vlad said subscriber at Instagram.

“The Lord tests us. Always. Here’s my story today. Yesterday I came very late, because I stayed with my friend and his family! Everything was great. But I decided this morning to go to Church, to the service. To receive Holy communion. At 5 am got up. Go. All done,” began Vlad.

The actor said that after Church he went home and to the airport for his wife and son: “And on the 26th kilometer of the highway, drives me man. I went on “cruise-control” 115 km/h is not to collect fines. So speed is nothing to do with. (I for “clever” just write). His clipped, he had no choice. I rubbed the whole right side dented the door. The car will have to pay for repairs on the well. The man retired. Confused. Nervous. So much so that I was filling out the papers when he arrived employees of traffic police”.

Vlad admitted that the man they “sweet talked” and dispersed peacefully. However, the artist was in a bad mood because of the car: “Like from the Temple out… like the family flying and all is well. And God still feels. I take everything with a calm soul and the firm conviction that in all His Will. But nevertheless, I’m upset. And the mood is sad… faster would be a little dumpling with my mom to see him and hug” – says Vlad.

Муж Регины Тодоренко попал в серьезное ДТП

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