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Husband Nadia Dorofeeva boasted Frank the

Муж Нади Дорофеевой похвастался откровенным снимкомPair is now in new York.

Popular Ukrainian singer, TV presenter and showman Vladimir Dantes is now in new York with his wife Nadia Dorofeeva. He recently shared a very controversial photo – in the picture he is naked with a weary look lies in the bathroom near the panoramic Windows with views of new York.

“If someone still think that pathos in me too much! A couple of days in new York have mastered photoshop. Took the picture of me in the summer food and driving with the elbow on the open window, removed the machine, put them in the tub and in the background threw the view of Kyiv from the left Bank. How are you?”, – signed the Dantes.

Members actively responded to the publication. Many caught the joke, others have accused the star that he is a gigolo.

Here is what he wrote in the review: “Shaw with forest view, really”, “Cool. That’s what it means to be a husband Gorovici”, “Again with the money Nadi zhiruet”, “a terrible liar, Bob”, “tub, probably filled with champagne?”, “Even from here you can see a couple of billboards “the servant of the people – President””.

Муж Нади Дорофеевой похвастался откровенным снимком

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