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Hunt’s life story

With my friend hunter Anatoly K. stepped eightieth milestone, we started talking about what is hunting and what kind of people modern day hunter. Reminded of Vladimir dal and its definition given in the dictionary, that “hunting is fishing, baiting, or shooting of wild animals”.

I said, not really objecting that such an interpretation is more appropriate today to the work of hunter-fishers. But for the majority of Amateur hunters is more. We agreed that for some it is a pastime, and even in good company, cheerful feast in the lap of nature. But for others hunting is, above all, freedom of spirit, the repose of the soul and body, the possibility at least for a short time to go into silence not quite desecrated human nature, from the gray of everyday life, the stench and the everyday hustle and bustle. Go where Intrusive advertising doesn’t hurt to admire the stars, listen to the noise of a brooding forest, the whisper of the coastal reeds, to see the dawn as “dawn with the dawn meet.” For such hunters, “the taking of wild animals and birds in a state of natural liberty”, though it is highly desirable, but is not Central. For them, hunting is the call of the wild, a passion that is hunting associated with waiting, searching, STO-len, stalking game, and, as the culmination of all this action, aimed shot and possession of the coveted trophy.

Someone may argue: “yeah, the grandparents, do something like to shoot and plenty to bring home a goose or hare.” Personally, I do not agree with this statement, and for the credibility of their words are zapasow me and has become my credo is a great idea of the writer Vladimir Chernyshev: “the Shot — just an instant in what is called hunting. If it was left alone shooting, I’m sure all the real hunters said goodbye to her forever.”

I don’t deny that I love to shoot. And to shake the body and soul, often visit the stand and participate in competitions.

Let’s think, what if it searches to dilute the love and passion, what it will become? Yes, in the usual quest for meat market or butcher shop. All this I expressed to a friend. Knowing no matter what I say, everything will sound unconvincing. And, in order to show that hunting is a noble passion and uplifting the human soul, it is necessary to have great gift of words. I constantly meditate on such simple and straightforward words “hunting and hunters”. I like to springs of living water, repeatedly turned to literature and to the statements of the true and proper hunters. In defense of hunting I want to quote the words of P. M. Machavariani: “Hunting in General is a strong attraction, passion to engage in a favorite subject. The success in achieving the desired youthful soul and full of heart hunters; cheerful and happy old people and young people bring enthusiasm.”

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So what gives us the hunt? I referred to the statement of L. N. Tolstoy observed: “On the hunt resting the mind and working the body.” Anatoly agreed on the beneficial effect of hunting on human health, and this is also one of the reasons for its appeal. No poet, writer or painter, at least once been on the hunt, could not refrain from enchanting sensations on valdshnepy traction, the capercaillie and the grouse currents, hunting with hound and not to Express them in his work. It is naive to believe that the presence of guns and hunting ticket give the right to belong to the great tribe of hunters. How can you not remember the wise words about hunting and hunters as a popular writer Oleg Volkov: “I mean all who, like me, not only loves since childhood the hunt, accustomed to see her surrounded by the poetry of rich and noble traditions occupation sheds dignity not and moral character of those who he selflessly and honestly betrayed, but who are concerned about the fact that glorious in Russia hunting fun are not lacking, and people wearing the title of hunter, and showed his appearance and behavior memories of the Aksakov and Turgenev”.

Anatoly, learned the day before that I was on the hunt, asked what are my successes. I told him that he had been invited a long to my friend the Chairman of the collective No. 9 Domodedovskiy district society Nikolay Petrovich Naumenko to hunt for deer. By the way, is that Nikolai Petrovich, who in active and productive activities decree of the Central Committee of the RALOs awarded the medal of Aleksey Korol’kova.

At 8 am on 20 November, all the hunters were assembled on the site of the huntsman, A. Fomochkina. Anatoly Mikhaylovich an interesting personality. He was 75 years old! For huntsman age solid. But Anatoly Mikhailovich is working successfully. In his rounds found such hunting animals like elk, ROE deer and wild boar. He along with the young and walks to the corral and exhibit rooms. Hunters are invited to build. A short instruction, a reminder of the security measures. The huntsman and the Chairman emphasizes, on the shooting line, shoot one. Even in the case of a miss, the rest do not shoot, to avoid killed. License… one Distribution, who in the corral, who is in the room. The beaters wear orange vests, they are issued by the radio and everything go in its place. I was assigned to a room. Mind flashed a thought is spared. All clear, as the military hunters when he was a Lieutenant of my distant youth. Yes, I’m in the military and are hunters! Most of them served at a military base air defense troops, stationed in the village of Red October Domodedovskiy district, and were members of the SBI. After the collapse of the USSR the base was liquidated. The dismissed officers and warrant officers have joined in the Domodedovo district society of hunters and fishermen.

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I was impressed by the helpful attitude of the young hunters to their elders, and hence to me. On this stood and will stand the Russian hunting.
Time flies by quickly. Standing in the room. Bright sunshine and quite strong wind. Noisy century-old spruce and birch. And then there’s planes one by one fly from the Domodedovo airport. Low! The roar of the engines is such that ears pop. The disturbing thought creeps in: “What were the goats! Tie, and not to hold. From this screen all life will go away.” And his eyes carefully palpate the Bush. Oh! ROE deer! It seems in my direction. No, takes in the adjacent room. God! Running in my direction. I give myself the command to stand at attention! Not to move. To keep as close as possible to raise the gun slowly. And here it is, the long-awaited moment! ROE deer close by. Quick doublet — and the animal flies across the head. A sigh of relief. Failed hunters. All catch up to me. Congratulations. I’m just so happy. More “mogem”!


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