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Hunting lions

Famous French hunter Pierre Magar in the journal La nature reports interesting data about hunting lions and the manners and habits of these animals. In different areas of Africa Magar killed 27 adult lions.

Among hunters, the lion is especially appreciated as the object of hunting and a good shot at the lion is one of the most “beautiful”, especially if the hunter is brave to go in search of the lion to his lair, which he arranges in a thicket of impenetrable bushes. The predator manages to sneak through the bushes, not leaving a single hair, and on occasion jumps thickets, making jumps of up to four meters in height and up to eight metres in length, being wounded, or seeing the path of retreat is cut off, the king of beasts becomes a terrible enemy and showing unprecedented courage. In particular, it should be said about the lionesses. When a hunter meets a couple of lions, he should try to kill first the female, as a male, seeing a friend killed or seriously injured, often to flight, if killed or seriously wounded the male, the lioness always attack the hunter. In such cases, it is even more ferocious than when she’s trying to take cubs.
Leo most often found alone or with a female. Sometimes they go in groups of ten animals, but only to the hole when it comes time to mate. In the mating between the males begins a long fight. Thus it happens that a male gets two females. Worthy to be noted, the love of lions to cubs, orphaned after his mother’s death. In such cases, they adopted other female, and in the absence of her male. When young cubs adopted by a male, he feeds them meat, pre-chewing it.

Within one month of the procreation, the lioness does not leave the cubs, living prey, which it brings male. Only to quench their thirst, she leaves the lair. The number of cubs usually happens two to four and up to six in females who have reached the age of ten. The offspring of a lioness produces in the den, which is satisfied among the dense bushes. Approximately three months later the little cubs start to come out with his mother some distance from the den, and at the age of about five months they begin to hunt on their own under the watchful eye of parents. At this age the cub already hard to catch. To find the brood, you should be able to track down parents for many days, to notice the footprints, hairs left on barbed branch, litter, residues obtained by the lion, animals, etc. Only skill a hunter can become a good tracker. Hunter, among other things, must be able to determine the time elapsed from when the trail was abandoned before the time of the discovery of this trace. Finally, the hunter needs to figure out where the water was. Lions in the dry season often bathe in the lowlands with muddy soil; and then wiping on termite mounds or trees. To capture the cubs, to kill the father and mother. As for the capture of live adults Lviv, it is possible in the area of the Zambezi river, where lions live in large numbers. On the contrary, in the Western, Central and Equatorial Africa, where predators find food daily, they are rarely caught in a trap.

Lion alone not on every animal, only being very hungry, he decided to attack a Buffalo, who possesses extraordinary strength and is extremely ferocious in battle. Commonly on a single Buffalo lions attack together, but on the approach of other buffaloes fled.

Magar once witnessed such a scene. Being at the top of the hill, he noticed in the valley of bathing the Buffalo. To Buffalo me, a huge lion, which is about ten meters from the wild bull has lain down in the grass. Leo made no attempt to rush at him and all looked at the rocks, heaped at the end of that hill, which was Magar. Soon, from behind the rocks seemed to be the lioness that was crawling nearer to the lion and also remained motionless. Buffalo and lions are located in an equilateral triangle. Lions all the time looking at each other, then the male went towards the bull and hiding behind the bushes, approached him at 4 or 5 meters. Both lions suddenly rushed to the forest giant, who, trying to flee, was dragged about 10 meters,then stopped, trying to shake off clinging to his predators. However,it failed, and he fell to the ground, uttering a suicide drawn out grunt. Meanwhile, from the forest to the scene, pushing on the run tall grass, rushed a small herd of Buffalo. Lions, leaving his prey, rushed to the rocks, which disappeared. The herd, stopping at the corpse of a relative, long sniffed it, emitting a drawn out bellowing and hitting the ground with powerful hooves, but then, after drinking the muddy water in the valley, withdrew. Then lions came out from behind the rocks without any hesitation, went straight to the dead Buffalo.

Magar decided to approach the predators. After descending the hill, he began to make his way to the lions on the leeward side, hiding behind bushes and thorns. Hearing nearby the hoarse growl, he with great caution he raised his head and saw three lions instead of two. Two of them tore the Buffalo, and the third stood to one side and growled, Baring his teeth.
The battle between the lions was inevitable, but Magar decided to put in place a wonderful couple and, taking aim, pulled the trigger. The lioness leapt up, fell to the ground and remained motionless. Her male, who was accompanied by another lion, hurried to hide in the forest.

Buffaloes as well as elephants and rhinos, not limited to dangerous opponents the lions. Adult African boar warthog if you can lean against something, makes the lion to stop fighting. Some antelopes, particularly wildebeest roan horse, attacking a lion to protect her cubs. To kill a lion is sometimes possible antilope and very gracious sable antelope. Its horns in the form of broad swords, reaching one meter in length, in a deft jump they pierce the lion. Sometimes antelope horns stabs at the enemy with such force that it can no longer pull them out and killed along with the enemy. Hunters there have been instances when along with the bones of the lion were found the bones of antilope and very gracious sable antelope, both, and the lion and the antelope, apparently killed under the above circumstances.

Leo rarely kills without being hungry, as do other predators of cats. Lions sometimes attack people, but only when they are hungry and cannot feed themselves due to old age, but such attacks are rare during the day. A lion, roaming at night around the village and reaching the huts is a man who can’t defeat wild animals and even pet a bull. He roams around the house and attacks the dogs and children,sometimes for adults.

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