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HUNGRY Z – new French zombie movie stills, posters, trailers!

Not tired yet from zombie?.. Then we have something to please you on this topic. 22 Mar 2018 planned Russian premiere of canadian paintings “Les affamés” that , in principle, should be translated as “Hungry”, but the distributors decided to make things clear for the most lame (and get hype on the popularity of “war of the worlds Z”), but because the movie will be released under the name “Hungry Z”. The project, meanwhile, is quite interesting.

First, it was originally a French movie. As Canada officially has two official languages – English and French – and the cinematic production of local produced in both English and French. The Director and screenwriter of the film made Robin Aubert – not very well-known comrade, Yes. But in the caste of the tape are experienced actors. For example, Marc-Andre Grondin you might have seen him in such films as “the Chameleon” (2010) and “House on elm street” (2009).

Robin Ober (Director, writer) and Marc-Andre Grondin (actor) on the set.

The plot of the story does not possess any originality…

In a small village near Quebec, everything changed. The locals are not the same as before: their bodies decompose, and they become interested in extremely fresh flesh.

…but, perhaps, from a modern zombie movie and we are not waiting for something supernova, isn’t it? We flesh-eating ghouls or infected give.

The world premiere took place in 2017, when “Hungry Z” began to travel at genre festivals. Below you can see one of the festival trailers of the film, as well as the version of the trailer with English subtitles. Stills and posters is also included.

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