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Humor parental: how spends a typical day the mother of two children

Юмор по-родительски: как проводит обычный день мама двух детейThis is a full time job.

Being a mom of one is already a difficult job, without breaks and weekends. With the advent of the second child the responsibility and burden of care is doubled and, accordingly, two pairs of eyes look at how you take a shower.


So early I did not get up ever again. Now, if you are not lucky, neither light nor dawn. And if you’re lucky, sleep for an hour longer. And I noticed a pattern: the later Marik goes, the early bird catches! Eva all in one and a half years was in the habit of waking up at 5 am. Especially when the clock to winter time translated. So fun I have ever had.

It is ordinary people, the day starts with a Cup of coffee, I’m a mom. My day starts with preparing Breakfast for the two hungry. Well that Eva’s unpretentious in food and porridge with jam for her delicacy.


After Breakfast, the mark usually goes to bed, and Eva spend time usefully. I read her tale. “The straw ox,” “the mitten,” “the hen” – how annoying hit, or not, and learn to remember! Then eve goes to play with the dog and the noise wakes up the younger brother and mother includes channel cartoons to calm children.


During these three hours the mother needs to have time to write two materials, but it turns out only one. Because someone will want to drink, then eat, then poop in the diaper. Besides, mark began to crawl and now stubbornly crawling towards the dog, crushing all obstacles. Or aside iron to taste the wire. What really is the creative process? The brain is boiling! But without the work dry up entirely, so slowly but surely writing the accompaniment of the endless stream of desires.

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Lunch and quiet time. Sometimes I allow myself the luxury to take a NAP with the heirs, but most often I read. If there is time after household chores. Order in the house with two children, a fleeting phenomenon – here it is, the second floor is decorated with cubes, designer, pencils and squash puree. Only manage to clean up the rubble! A semblance of order, you can create it in a quiet hour. And then another piece to roll.


If mark and eve will sleep in two hours I will feel a burst of energy and bring them for a walk. We were walking two or three hours, the benefit of living near the Park and promenade. On the Playground, where I will lead eve, Dobby will get shock, because some kid will shout “Oh look, doggy! Come here, doggy!” and half of the Playground will try to catch up or to drive. And Marik will let you know if we will long stand without a movement, so we catch the dog and go for a walk in the Park.

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Come home and meet the grandmother from work. And grandma eating, taking care of grandchildren. In the evening mom is not difficult, with such a support! Playing, watching cartoons and start cooking dinner.


Bath time and bedtime. Eve still need to be persuaded to swim! She’s a girl with character, may not want to. But I did it! After all, we take dolls, dogs, fishes, which also need to be cleaned. And then she helps bathe her little brother, which did not want to swim, but how to Express their desires yet can’t perceive the silence as assent.

When grandma’s not home, I put the kids in turn, goes to sleep and the first eve. And when her grandmother, Eva goes to sleep with her. She even loves to sleep and, probably, from the rare children who sleep in the garden in the quiet hour.

Marika is a little more complicated, they have a bottle, pacifier and white noise. If all else fails – take up and you rock. And here everyone is asleep! And I’m going to shower and make myself some tea. And enjoying the peace. And then realize that no one mom in the world would not change your present noisy, full of motion and energy of life, measured where the morning always starts with coffee!

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