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Humanity will be able to see through walls

Человечество сможет видеть сквозь стеныNew technology.

At Duke University a method was developed that allows to see through walls. It does not matter what lies at their base.

This method is based on a narrow range of microwave radiation and provides better result than other existing methods.

Those which already have today allow us to see the man who walks behind a wall, but not “see” a thin wire or something small. In the work of specialists at Duke University lies another principle. It is reported that typically the wall is flat and homogeneous, and hence the distortions of the waves are symmetrical. The software allows you to keep track of symmetry breaking and based on them to “see” objects – from pins to the wires.

Interestingly, it uses only one frequency, that one side does not interfere with Wi-Fi, cellular networks and Bluetooth, and on the other protects you from their influence.

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