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Human skin was first printed on a 3D printer. Video

Человеческую кожу впервые напечатали на на 3D-принтере. ВидеоIt can be used in medicine and transplantation.

A group of researchers from the Madrid Carlos III University, Centre for research in energy, environment and technology, and also of the Madrid University hospital Gregorio Marañón has developed a 3D printer that prints using biological materials.

As studies have shown, the skin is fully functional and can be used in medicine and transplantation and also for testing cosmetic products and household chemicals.

Leather is created using the so-called “biochannel”. As noted by one of the researchers Juan Francisco Affairs of Kagiso, the key to making technology had an understanding of how to mix and apply biomaterials to cells to function. The leather is printed layer by layer, repeating the structure of real human skin.

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“Printed” leather, which, like a human, consists of epidermis and dermis, bioactive, and itself produces collagen, which gives it elasticity. As the scientists, if you please make use of the biomaterial from a particular person, it is possible for a short period of time to create the skin suitable for transplantation — for example, in the case of a serious burn.

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Firm BioDan Group, participated in the development of plans to bring the product to market. The company noted the main advantages of the printing technology of skin: speed of creation and the possibility of automation.

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