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Hulu will release the series on “Satanic panic”

In the depths of Hulu Matures the development of a new TV show in the genre of Thriller. Action project called “Demons” (“Demons”) will unfold in the late 1980s and talk about the high-profile phenomenon, dubbed the “Satanic panic”.

The essence of this phenomenon was in broad daylight took place in the USA, UK and South African practices of satanic sacrifices. Initially, this theory takes its roots from the public statements of TV preachers, which after the sensational story with the heat picked up by journalists, began to see large-scale “satanic conspiracy”. The panic subsided only with the beginning of 90-ies with the advent of scientific and documentary disproof of the phenomenon.

Scenario for the future of the series was written by Juliet Lashinsky-Revin. In the center of the plot will be a married couple – Marilyn Jones, “patient zero” flaring “devil rush”, and her husband, Bennett Lewis, a professional psychiatrist with a talent for manipulation. If successful, the channel is ready to order several seasons, each of which will reveal another grim details of the life of the main characters tied to “the fragility of memory and guilt”.

To produce the project in conjunction with Lashinsky-Revin will Karyn usher (“Escape”), Lisa Swerling (“er”) and Amanda Tudesco. Responsible for the production studios appointed Carpoon Entertainment and Lionsgate.

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