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Hugh Jackman has donated the fee for the “Wolverines”

Kinosalona X-Men has expanded considerably since then, as the first film of the series was released in 2000. However, all sixteen years the role of Wolverine remained for Hugh Jackman: it was a superhero adamantium claws all these years was a favorite of the audience. Now that the story of mutant Logan is nearing completion, Jackman is ready for everything to go well, as you know, the previous two parts of the trilogy (“X-Men: the Beginning. Wolverine” and “Wolverine”) was not a great success with audiences and critics.

Hugh Jackman has donated the fee for the “Wolverines”

Display of the first forty minutes of the film “Logan”, which will complete the trilogy about Wolverine, was held last week in the framework of a mini-festival Butt-Numb-A-Thon that American kinohit Harry Knowles annually in honor of his own birthday. Critics responded very positively about what they saw and compared the tape with the “westerns with a touch of “Mad max”” noting that the third film will obviously be the best of the entire series, dedicated to the invincible mutant. As you know, the new movie will be released rated R: children under seventeen years of viewing is allowed only accompanied by parents.

“Logan”. Official trailer
Director James Mangold, who came to the presentation of the film, announced that Hugh Jackman gave up part of his fee to 20th Century Fox Studio allowed to produce “Logan” with that rating. As you know, the movies with mark R collect much less cash than those that come with a PG-13 rating (a rare exception to the rule was “Deadpool”). After Jackman has agreed to a smaller fee for his role in the attachment of the Studio in “Logan” was reduced, which allowed to make the film more dark and bloody. By the way, the movie “Wolverine: the Immortal” was also R version, but the Studio is not allowed to release it in wide release.

Hugh Jackman in the Wolverine way. Still from the film “Logan”

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