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Huge posters “Predator” and “Battle angel”

These days in Las Vegas Licensing Expo is the event not so much for consumers ‘ movies, but for its producers. The producers and Studio representatives can meet you here with film projects that are currently in development, and sometimes at the earliest stages. And here the journalist of the portal Collider have discovered a couple of interesting banners.

First, this new poster “Predator”, the forthcoming film Shane black. In the photo below we can read the quote from the tape: You are one beautiful of them motherfuckers. And this is an obvious reference to the phrase You’re one of them motherfuckers ugly!, that said, the Dutch, the hero of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the finale of the first film of the franchise. I think we have it translated simply as “you’re ugly”, so that the dubbing is unlikely to get such a clear Easter eggs. Shane black has been updated replica reproduces Casey Brackett, the character of Olivia Munn, and makes it seem, with some admiration. Will it be the same as the Dutch to look at the face of the Predator helmet? Who knows?

Secondly, at the Licensing Expo flaunts the first poster of the “Battle angel”, a longstanding project of James Cameron, to direct that he is entrusting to Robert Rodriguez. Here, too, there is a quote from the film: I do not stand to be in the present. These words belong to Alyth, the main character of the picture. Maybe fans of the manga GUNNM about the girl-cyborgs, too, know some reference. I’m more Autam all, sorry.

Both pictures will be released on the big screens next summer: “Battle angel” — June 19, and “Predator” — August 2, 2018.

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