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“Hubble” showed the collision of two gaseous galaxies

"Хаббл" показал столкновение двух газообразных галактикExperts have told that this phenomenon happens in outer space is extremely rare.

NASA released incredible images of the Hubble telescope.

In space faced two gaseous galaxy.

The action takes place over billions of light-years from our planet. Two gaseous galaxy under mutual attraction began to clash. Clear picture – a sign of incredible scale and power processes. Thousands of planets and stars collided, forming a new galaxy, so far only called NASA experts “alloy IRAS 14348-1447”.

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More interesting is the fact that the action takes place 95% in the infrared environment. The reason for this is the amount of gas in galaxies. After all, today is the most “sparkling” of the known celestial formations. For the same gas, or rather its huge amount, the collision looks so spectacular, because the explosions go far beyond “Fusion”.

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By the way, something similar will happen to our galaxy. In four billion years, the scientists predict that the milky Way will collide with Andromeda Galaxy.

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