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Hubble showed atypical black hole

Hubble показал нетипичную черную дыруThe light that it emits does not match the type and size of the object.

Astronomical Observatory Hubble released the black hole, made with the camera of the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS).

The black hole has attracted the attention of scientists that emits light that does not match the size and type of the object, as stated on the official website of the Observatory.

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In the photo posted on the website, demonstrated spiral galaxy RXJ1140.1+0307 in the constellation Virgo. It is located approximately one billion light-years from Earth.

In the center of the galaxy is a black hole. The researchers say that if their calculations are correct, it violates the laws of physics. Experts also clarify that a black hole at the center of this galaxy is one of the least massive, while the light that is emitted corresponds to a larger object.

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Experts believe that the cause is specific mechanisms that act between the inner and outer parts of the accretion disk surrounding the black hole.

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