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Hubble photographed an unusual galaxy

Hubble сфотографировал необычную галактикуGalaxy acts as a giant astronomical laser.

At the end of 2016 Hubble made the most detailed image of the galaxy IRAS 16399-0937 that acts as a giant astronomical laser.

Due to the presence in the center of the galaxy in the constellation of Ophiuchus two giant black holes, IRAS 16399-0937 creates intense and constant stream of microwave radiation.

Such flows emission – masers – are in the Universe where the molecular clouds absorb the energy of a nearby source of radiation and pereklokayutsia it in the form of beams of coherent microwave radiation. They are found even in our galaxy, but IRAS 16399-0937 about 100 million times brighter than those masers that are found in our galaxy.

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Black holes IRAS 16399-0937 removed from each other by about 11 thousand light years across, and is surrounded by clusters of stars. In the picture is a Hubble – orange region. One of the black holes, located in a quieter part of the galaxy, has a very high mass – it is about 100 million times heavier than the Sun.

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As noted in NASA, all of the gas in this galaxy was severely “shaken up” and mixed, so now it formed a huge number of stars. When the flash of star formation is complete, IRAS 16399-0937 actually transformed into space zombies, as all its reserves of cold gas are exhausted.

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