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“Hubble” has received photos of the black hole violates the laws of physics

"Хаббл" получил фотографии черной дыры, нарушающей законы физикиAccording to scientists, the black hole behaves “incorrectly”.

On the website of the Hubble telescope was presented a photo of a black hole, with an unusual lightness.

The space object is in the constellation Virgo.

In the constellation of Virgo is a spiral galaxy, code-named RX J1140.1+0307. The distance which should be overcome in order to achieve it is about 1 billion light-years. In the middle is located the black hole, whose weight is not comparable to the star dwellers, and which has already classified as “light” supermassive black holes. Some astronomers see in this discovery is the missing piece that opens the truth to the theory of the emergence of cosmic bodies.

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The brightness of this black hole is several times greater than theoretically possible, and thus breaks the academic concept of the structure of galaxies. Astronomers believe that a more detailed acquaintance with the galaxy will open new secrets of the universe. The answer to the mystery of this cosmic phenomenon can help to shed light on the device black holes and their importance in the life of galaxies.

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